Are You Ready to Live at a Level of Extraordinary?

You were born to live not exist. It’s time to venture into unknown territory where you get to experience freedom, vitality, fulfilment, vibrancy and total love for all life, whilst discovering your life purpose. Star Magic is the key to your inner wisdom. Now you will feel what dreaming big really is. It’s time to discover how powerful you really are.

Let Star Magic radically transform your life

Star Magic harnesses super-powerful Extra-Terrestrial Light Frequencies enabling huge shifts in your health and spiritual well-being as well as being utilised to accelerate business performance and create harmonious relationships. If you want rapid, long-lasting change then Star Magic is the key.

After a series of life changing events, including a life threatening car crash, a trip in a space-ship and months journeying through Ancient Mystery Schools, Jerry Sargeant discovered Star Magic and now shares it with the world through live events, shows, meditation workshops, training experiences, frequency encoded meditations, private and group healing sessions and the awesome team of Star Magic Facilitators.

Star Magic is an opportunity to experience life to its very highest potential. Your true nature is one of inner beauty and breath-taking power. You are ready to soar like an eagle and the light frequencies Star Magic makes available to you, will ensure you spread your wings and live the most extraordinary version of yourself.

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Key to Your World of Abundance

Star Magic works on the energetic and quantum levels of existence, and therefore has no boundaries. There is no time or space between Star Magic, you and your Higher Self or Cosmic Master Self.

Star Magic sends charged light signals or packets of healing information (light codes) that then interact with your own energy signature, contained within the intelligent light and sounds codes, constantly travelling through the ether.

Once your inherent nature (Star Dust) is connected to the Star Constellations above, through the Extra-Terrestrial Light Frequencies Star Magic offers, healing at the most profound level ignites within you.

Are you ready to Super-Charge your life?

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