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Channeling Techniques

Do you know that everyone can channel? You are channeling when you align with your true self and express your true self in your physical life. To realize your true genius tap into your true essence and funnel aspects of that essence into your life. Many have done so […]

Time Travel

Time Travel

You time travel each moment you are alive. By being alive and living in the now, you feel the flow of change from one moment to the next. Imagine being somewhere at another time. What would you do? Explore, talk to the locals, explore their culture, […]

Alien evolution

Ancient Origins

We have all wondered about our ancient origins. Have you also questioned why it appears that we are alone and what else may have played a role in our cloudy ancient history? Many believe we evolved from the apes and that is the end of […]

love vrs logic jerry sargeant healer

Love VRS Logic

In this video Jerry Sargeant shares his views on LOVE VRS LOGIC... we have been conditioned to think and in doing so have disregarded our feelings by living inside of our heads, instead of our bodies and hearts. This causes us huge problems. We try [...]