One Love! One Heart! One Human Family!

Elevate Your Frequency to the Flow of Abundance

Are You Ready to Live at a Level Way Beyond Extraordinary?

There are many alternative medicine practices and holistic healing modalities available. ‘Star Magic Healing’ however, is by far, the most powerful energy healing modality on Planet Earth right now.  The rapid, lasting and documented results speak for themselves.

You were born to live not exist. It’s time to venture into unknown territory where you get to experience freedom, vitality, fulfilment, vibrancy and total love for all life, whilst discovering your life purpose. The light frequency that travels through Star Magic, is the key to unlocking your inner wisdom, strength, courage and super-human healing abilities as well as  giving you the chance to elevate your personal frequency to that of harmonising abundance, so your personal and business success flows and in the arena of love and relationships you truly flourish.

Now you will not only feel what dreaming big really is but you will experience and live it.

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Star Magic is not only the most powerful energy healing modality available to man-kind, it is the ascension tool that Planet Earth has been waiting for. Your DNA is a storehouse of knowledge. Scientists describe most human DNA as junk DNA. It’s far from junk. Your dormant DNA contains genetic encodements full of knowledge and wisdom that will change your inner world and in doing so, your outer world, our world.

We are one human family and whether you realise this or not, you’re are a Cosmic Archer sent from that Stars and your arrow carries the spark to Ignite your own Divinity and that of your fellow brothers & sisters who share these Earthly yet Heavenly realms. Team work is the key and the energy/light/frequency held within Star Magic, has the power to elevate and transform the vibration of our Global Family

Are you ready to discover what lies within your own genetics, on a cellular level, ingrained in dormant DNA strands? Are you ready to experience how incredibly powerful you really are? Are you ready to experience the powerful energy healing frequency of Star Magic Healing?

Let Star Magic radically transform your life

Star Magic harnesses super-powerful Extra-Terrestrial Light Frequencies enabling huge shifts in your health and spiritual well-being as well as being utilised to accelerate business performance and create harmonious relationships. If you want rapid, lasting transformation then Star Magic Healing is the key.

After a series of life changing events, including a life threatening car crash, a trip in a space-ship and months journeying through Ancient Mystery Schools, Jerry Sargeant discovered Star Magic and now shares it with the world through live events, shows, meditation workshops, training experiences, frequency encoded meditations, private and group healing sessions.

Star Magic Healing is an opportunity to experience life to its very highest potential. Your true nature is one of inner beauty and breath-taking power. You are ready to soar like an eagle and the light frequencies Star Magic Healing makes available to you, will ensure you spread your wings and live the most extraordinary version of yourself.

We are Star Seeds and Our Frequency is Love

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We are ONE! We are LOVE! We are FREE!

Key to Your World of Abundance

Star Magic works on the energetic and quantum levels of existence, and therefore has no boundaries. There is no time or space between Star Magic, you and your Higher Self or Cosmic Master Self.

Star Magic sends charged light signals or packets of healing information (light codes) that then interact with your own energy signature, contained within the intelligent light and sounds codes, constantly travelling through the ether.

Once your inherent nature (Star Dust) is connected to the Star Constellations above, through the Extra-Terrestrial Light Frequencies Star Magic offers, healing at the most profound level ignites within you.

Are you ready to Super-Charge your life?

As we make our way through the ascension, towards our Authentic and Vibrational Cosmic Crystal Blueprint, we are cleansing and elevating our vibrations through uncharted jungles of spiritual understanding. We are the star-seeds who set forth to bring balance to the Universal plains of existence and Love ourselves into a beautiful spiritual awakening of greater freedom and purity and an all knowing lust for balance within our own self and that of our Mother Earth.

jerry sargeant guided healing meditation

Team Work is the key. We must Unite, open our hearts and live with love & compassion. Star Magic Healing will unlock the Magic that lies within every Soul on Planet Earth

Elevate Your Frequency to the Flow of Abundance

Health – Relationships – Love

Resolve Persistent Health Issues

Attract & Heighten Loving Relationships

Live in a state of flow and well being

Personal – Business – Success

Permanently remove self-defeating patterns

Tap into and unleash your creative genius

Attract financial abundance easily

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One Love! One Heart! One Human Family!

One Love! One Heart! One Human Family!

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