Jerry Sargeant

The Facilitator

Jerry Sargeant is the founder of Star Magic Healing and one of the most sought after healers on the planet. His ability to rapidly transform your health, finances and relationships, using what Jerry refers to as Star Magic Codes of Consciousness, will transform your inner world and thus your external reality. If you are ready to expand your consciousness and experience a major shift then Star Magic healing is for you.












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“This is a gift, a cosmic upgrade for those who are ready to super-charge their life and to step into being the best version of themselves. Jerry is an extraordinary human being! Warning – Star Magic is powerful stuff. Your life will never be the same again! Since I met Jerry and attended Star Magic Training a year ago my life has improved in all areas and continues to do so, and not just mine but the lives of those around me too. His healing is exponential.”
Jen Dodson

”Feeling so good after the healing. I feel more self assured and more willing to be in the world again. My leg is feeling stronger I am walking with out the boot. Feeling very positive. During the healing I felt a strong beam of white light go into my third eye. Also my legs vibrated at times and at one stage I couldn’t move my right leg. What was unexpected was the spirit of the child that I didn’t have because I had an abortion, came and spoke to me. She said its time to let go. I wasn’t even aware I was holding onto her. Profound. Really impressed with what you are doing in the world assisting people to wake to their power. Thank you.”

“You are the most beautiful and inspiring being Jerry. You’re energy is off the scale. I have followed you around the internet for a year or two and could not have imagined in my wildest dreams that your workshop would be so so powerful. I laughed, cried and uncontrollably trembled from head to toe. Words can not promote what you bring. It has to be experienced to believe and I am so pleased I came. The love I felt was off the scale, complete ecstasy.”