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14 Signs Which Clearly Show You Need Meditation in Your Life

You’re doing your best to be a positive, productive and competent person.

You invest time in analysing what’s the proper course of action and how you could be your best self.

And still, things don’t seem to work out for you. 

This is just one major sign you need meditation.

You don’t have to be at your wit’s end in order to consider healthy practices like meditation. But you sure could do with more clarity in your life.

This article is dedicated to those who need to find out whether they need meditation or not. If you’re among them, if you’re still on the fence, I hope you’ll read the following lines and get a better idea of where you stand.

Meditation – a Brief Account

I decided to write an introductory part about meditation because an overwhelming number of people come to me with the wrong ideas and assumptions on what it is.


First, meditation is a state of mind. Of awareness or mindfulness, to be more specific.

Secondly, meditation does not equal concentration, breathing exercises or mental effort. It does imply these (or variations of techniques on them), but it is not reduced to just that.

Indeed, being in a meditative state requires, at first, that you learn how to focus on individual aspects. But you can’t say you learned how to meditate just because you learned to sit still in a quiet and focus-inducing environment.

Meditation requires that you take a step further and make the meditative state a constant asset of your mind, no matter the situation you’re in.

14 Signs You Need Meditation – Now

Given that I clarified the above, it’s time I start building the list of tell-tale indicators you should give meditation a serious thought (especially if you tick more than half the boxes):

  1. You struggle with taking simple decisions.
  2. Feeling overwhelmed is a constant state you’re in.
  3. You always seem to be struggling with your workload.
  4. Exhaustion is your constant physical status.
  5. Your immunity system is always losing the battle.
  6. Even the slightest setback has you in tears or distress.
  7. Unexplainable mood swings.
  8. You notice lingering thoughts about the meaning of life.
  9. There’s a constant voice in your head saying “You need a change”.
  10. Staying focused is something you have trouble with.
  11. You find yourself feeling anxious for no particular reason.
  12. You’re constantly dissatisfied even though you have an above-average lifestyle.
  13. High blood pressure or palpitations occurring frequently and all of a sudden.
  14. You keep repeating the same mistakes.

I know how it is – detecting these signs and labelling them as minor issues. But as minor as they seem, they’re indicators of blocked energy paths. The more you have, the more they’ll pile up into a handful of negative energy.

If you don’t want that in your life, it’s high time you acknowledge you need meditation to monitor yourself and eventually take control of your life.

I’m Here to Help

As I said at the beginning, the idea for this article came to me after meeting dozens of people ignorant of the fact they needed help.

I welcomed them with open arms, guided them to the proper way of meditating and they were able to slowly get rid of the nagging feeling of walking in circles.

If you want to be in their shoes, you only have to acknowledge you need meditation and then reach out to me. Together, we can access the One Love which will completely transform the way you live.

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