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CLEARING : My Personal Experience

In order for me to evolve, to grow and to expand I realize now how important this clearing was for my highest good. I now understand why people can and do become trapped in the illusion of what we call life and life’s experiences.

My Story

At the end of May 2016 my clearing began with me feeling out of sorts, I simply put this feeling down to being tired, not so I was about to embark on a mental and emotional roller coaster.

I felt totally disconnected to everything, I felt vulnerable, lonely, angry, frustrated.  I felt I was being drained of all the good within me. I was empty as if my heart had been put in a blender I could not shake this feeling off me it was something I had to experience and experience it I did trust me it was awful. Every part of me was being challenged, attacked on some level, my friends, my  relationships, career, finances  any cracks became a landslide. It is important to be with people who love you, people you can trust. I was lucky to have my wife Lesley to help me – “thank you from my heart you’re a diamond”. Some of the activities I did to get this negativity out of me are:

  • Every day I did self-healing and received healing from Lesley several times.
  • Walking through a river fully clothed.
  • Burying my head in the woodland in the early hours.                                                                                      
  • I asked my angels to protect help and guide me through this.                                                                        
  • I asked the energy ” why is this happening to me why me I am a good person? ”                                      
  • The answer I received was ” do not judge others in their situations show compassion love and unity, we are all equal our souls know only bliss.”  

It is our human experience that allows our soul’s growth and expansion. No matter what is going on in your life right now, YOU HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS AND SOLUTIONS WITHIN YOU trust your intuition listen to your heart. After my clearing I feel wonderful, it had to happen to me to make way for new positive energies, higher frequencies more light, elevated vibration. The healing that I am facilitating now are having a wonderfully positive effect, with more powerful energy, healing the root cause of blockages within the physical, mental, emotional self.    

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Love to all,

John Sargent
John Sargent

John Sargent