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Tim Stokes interview by Tim Doyle

Radio Interview

Interview was conducted by Tim Doyle on 20/09/2016. Interview released on Oct 02, 2016 on Mediumship Radio via Spreaker. 

In this radio interview, I explain what Star Magic energy healing is and how it works, Tim Doyle asks questions on many topics including spiritual energies, UFO’s and communication from ET’s. Also, we discuss some of our experiences and dreams. The interview includes discussion on adjusting the energetic blueprint to bring about healing on all levels of being.

Click here for a link to listen to the interview.

Star Magic Arcturian Healing

Star Magic works seamlessly with many existing Arcturian and high-light extra-terrestrial healing techniques and modalities. This is because Star Magic contains the living codes of consciousness that facilitate DNA activation and healing at all levels of being. It also strengthens the power of effectiveness of cosmic healing technologies. By calling on the Arcturians, Pleiadians, Sirians, etc., we invite them to activate the Star Magic within us all. They will answer by performing whatever healing and psychic surgery required in the now.

We live in a ‘quantum’ reality where we can affect change with the power of our will. Star Magic is intuitive and a correct intention powered by unconditional love and compassion at the heart centre will result in positive change. Star Magic catalyses our connection and degree of healing from divine and extra-terrestrial sources.

I tune in to the frequency of a client, and feel and see the energy patterns, chords, and ties attached between things and people. Together with my guides, angels and cosmic extra-terrestrial light beings, I will connect with your higher self with heart centred energy. Surrender and allow the healing to filter through your whole being. Star magic helps tremendously as it allows the pure cosmic codes of consciousness to enter your body and alchemise change.

Arcturus Avalokiteshvara
Arcturus Avalokiteshvara

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