Who and what is a Bodhisattva?

In Tibetan Buddhism, a Bodhisattva is anyone who is motivated by compassion and who seeks enlightenment not only for him or herself but also for everyone. Becoming a Bodhisattva is a huge step in helping not only oneself, but also every other sentient being, both seen and unseen. Most people are self-motivated and work primarily […]

Free Distance Energy Healing: Do You Need Energy Healing?

Everything in our external environment offers us clues. Signposts are everywhere. Especially people. Those we are in the closest relationships with show exactly what we need to work on and where we need to travel and that direction is always one way – deeper into our own hearts. In this video Jerry explains that we […]

Reflecting on When We Die and the Afterlife

What Happens When We Die When we die our experiences are flashed back in a life review, and then uploaded and integrated with our higher selves and the universal consciousness. This is like uploading information to the internet (the cloud) only that it is stored in the much more sophisticated multi-dimensional Akashic records. The life […]

Connect with Your Inner-Self

  Dormant DNA Encodements Are you ready to connect with your inner-self We are at a stage in human and spiritual evolution where intense lights are hitting our planet. Wave after Cosmic wave is surging through the ether and affecting our planet and our species in the most intricate and beautiful fashion. The light is […]

Quantum Visualisation Techniques

Create Your Own Reality Through Visualisation You have probably already heard the phrase ‘be careful what you wish for, or you just might get it’. In other words, you create your own reality and hence your own energy and healing through visualisation. Recognizing this principle is vital if you want to reach your goals and […]

Quantum Energy Healing

Quantum Energy Healing Quantum Energy Healing is a hands on energy healing technique that is unique in both its speed and effectiveness, producing the most remarkable results many have ever seen in any healing modality yet. Quantum Energy Healing is a method of hands-on healing that uses very specific breathing techniques and body awareness exercises […]

Spiritual Healer

Are you in search of a spiritual healer? Do you want to know how a spiritual healer can help you? Are you looking for answers in your quest for gaining spiritual knowledge? Spirituality is a journey through which you would be able to connect to your true nature and let it create a harmony between […]

Spiritual Science and Infosomatics

Infosomatics and Spiritual Science Spiritual science has no doctrine or scripture. It is the study of all religions and belief systems, taking from them the best that each has to offer whilst respecting all traditions and belief systems. Infosomatics and spiritual science researches and presentsĀ a new paradigm in spirituality. This is one that is not […]

Quantum Healing

Disease is dis-ease. When our mind is not at ease our body becomes sick. The frustration and anger, anxiety and worry, pain and sorrow in our mind are manifested as aches, pain and other ailments of the body. When we start meditating these toxic emotions get gradually washed away. The self healing process of the […]