Galactic Portal & Light Activation

My Experiences On 7th August I experienced an intense light activation and transfer through the galactic portal (stargate).  At around 6 am, my ears went nuts when I lay down and closed my eyes. Both ears thumped loudly at the same time which rarely if ever happens. Then moments later the most amazing light show […]

7 Things People Do That Experience A Frequency Shift by Jerry Sargeant

  In this video Jerry shares 7 things people do that experience a frequency shift, a vibrational shift in their human bodies. They naturally happen and it further enhances the vibrational change. We find that the desire to experience a positive shift in vibrational energy is on a rise these days. People are actually enriching […]

Its ILLEGAL to Heal People Using Natural or Alternative Healing Tools by Jerry Sargeant

In this video Jerry shares an important message regarding Star Magic Healing and other natural healing tools and also alternative healing therapies, how great they are and also how the pharmaceutical industry are fearful of more and more natural healing remedies coming out into the public. A countries GDP is measured partly by the amount […]

Spiritual Gangsta (HENOSIS) Rap Music by Jerry Sargeant – Truth Talk

2016 – © Jerry Sargeant – All Rights Reserved Jerry Sargeant is a powerful healer. He heals using an Extra-Terrestrial light frequency known as Star Magic. Jerry heals people privately, trains others to use Star Magic and runs a number of workshops globally. Recently, Jerry has been inspired to write lyrics about a number of […]

Tim Stokes interview by Tim Doyle

Radio Interview Interview was conducted by Tim Doyle on 20/09/2016. Interview released on Oct 02, 2016 on Mediumship Radio via Spreaker.  In this radio interview, I explain what Star Magic energy healing is and how it works, Tim Doyle asks questions on many topics including spiritual energies, UFO’s and communication from ET’s. Also, we discuss some of […]