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Are YOU Extraterrestrial? Which Planet Did YOU Come From? Star Seeds, Indigo & Rainbow Children

Are you extra-terrestrial? Are you a Star Seed? Which planet or star system did you come from? In this video Jerry Sargeant shares his views on Star Seeds, Indigo and Rainbow Children, Extra-Terrestrials and our need or want as human beings waking up, to want to label ourselves as one or more of the above […]

Living in Service to Cover Up Your Lack of Self-Worth

In this video Jerry Sargeant shares his views on self worth, a lack of self worth and how the human ego takes on a spiritual identity, living in service of others to distract the human being in question from doing the real work, the inner work. Living in service of others can be a a […]

The Ascension Programme – Number One Ascension Tool

In this video Jerry Sargeant shares his views on ascension, the idea of an ascension programme and the number one ascension tool to assist humanity in returning to unconditional love so we can play and explore in our light bodies, free, traversing the universe and the frequency bands of lighter vibration. Love is the key. […]

Infinite Abundance. The Money Factor Frequency – Free Meditation For Creating Wealth

In this video Jerry Sargeant takes you on a free guided healing meditation to remove any money blocks and connect your core frequency to the wealth factor. It is easy to get money to flow into your life once you are on the right vibration. A lot of people believe that spiritual people should not […]

Channeling Techniques

Do you know that everyone can channel? You are channeling when you align with your true self and express your true self in your physical life. To realize your true genius tap into your true essence and funnel aspects of that essence into your life. Many have done so including talented actors, musicians, artists and also great inventors, scientists […]

3 Tips For Channelling. Reptilian Interference & Truth

In this video Jerry Sargeant shares 3 simple and mission critical tips to help you when you are channelling. They simple but a lot of people miss them out. The world is a hologram. information can be inserted into our field and its very important to be able to decipher what is truth and what […]