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Secret to sexual energy, frequency elevation, masturbation & reptilians

In this video Jerry discusses sexual energy and how you can harness it to elevate your frequency, grow and expand. Sexual energy is also used to manipulate and control human beings and Jerry shares his views on the Reptilian Agenda and how they use sex for power, control and energy to feed themselves. The truth […]

You Are a Cosmic Miracle

In this video Jerry shares his views on meditation and action taking and how we have been led to believe that sitting and meditating will give us everything we wish for, including a peaceful and harmonious world, when we are human beings, lights in bodies and we are meant to enjoy these bodies and experience […]

Train to be an Energy Healer

Experience in February 2017 run by Jerry Sargeant. Star Magic is the most powerful healing modality on Planet Earth. If you want spiritual training that creates instant shifts then Star Magic is for you. People are calling Jerry Sargeant the new John of God.¬†Are you ready to experience your power? More on STAR MAGIC: Are […]

Shape Shifting: An Meditative Art for Unlimited Potential

Despite the many stories about shape shifting over the years, shape shifting is still largely considered a myth and rather an impossibility. Is Shape Shifting Real? But what if, you use shape shifting of your etheric body as a meditation tool? People can then use shape shifting to shift perspective, experience change, and gain valuable […]