How to Get Rid of Negative Energy Through Cosmic Healing

Making sense of your real emotion is not always as straightforward as you’d wish. Our rational part always intervenes in reasoning out the unsolved issues we all carry. But try as we might, reason is not the ultimate answer to all our inner battles. And this is the struggle cosmic healing strives to help you dispose […]

6 Spiritual Symbols You Should Know when Seeking Spiritual Betterment

It often happens that when people lose themselves, they feel at a loss for words, direction and resources. So, they try to reach out to those who possess knowledge about the world behind the surface. They are the ones who can perceive, interpret and actually internalize the spiritual symbols lying within the most mundane of contexts. […]

Lyran Light Language -Star Seed Transmission – DNA Activation Frequency

In this video Jerry shares a powerful Lyran Light Language Transmission. A direct message of the heart. Light language is not translatable into human words, its a vibration. A transmission. A language that the soul fully comprehends. Sit, be, listen with your heart and you will hear the messages that flow through the rhythm/vibration of […]

Understanding the Universe Energy Flow in 4 Steps

For centuries, people have been attributing the creation of the Universe to an entity resembling an architect or an omnipotent demiurge. What or who else would be capable of devising such a perfect assembly like the Cosmos through which the Universe energy flow is traveling? This was quite a rhetorical question, but I can help you […]

How to Achieve Spiritual Enlightenment through Cosmic Meditation

I love you with my heart, with my soul, with every fibre of my entire being. Together we can make this world a much more harmonious place through cosmic meditation. The journey towards spiritual enlightenment is unique. Reaching the destination guarantees you have changed your life for the better, as it requires you to explore, […]

Ignoring the Benefits of Spiritual Healing May Be the Cause for Illness

Take a moment and think about how society is promoting a healthy lifestyle. Organic food, going to the gym, visiting your doctor on a regular basis… Yet, nobody speaks about spiritual healing. I am not implying eating healthy and exercising are bad for your health. On the contrary, they are both extremely good for you. But […]

How to Change Your World for the Better Through Energy Meditation

Have you grown tired of that feeling of helplessness? Does every day seem just worse than the one before? Energy meditation is the perfect way to reduce stress, improve your spiritual and physical self and change the way your world works and feels on a daily basis. While it may seem easy, many people try to […]

Nourish Your Spirit with These Deeply Meaningful Tips

What’s a soul without a truly awakened spirit? What’s a spirit without a knowing to guide its greatness? When you strive to nourish your spirit, these are the kind of questions you’re asking yourself. And when your spirit fully responds to your efforts of betterment – that’s when you’re a true victor. But how can […]

Expression Of The Divine Feminine and Planetary Vibration – Expanding Human Consciousness

In this video Jerry shares his views on the expression of the divine feminine in both males and females and the challenges and truths behind it. For us, as a species, to elevate our global frequency and raise our planetary vibration, we must go within ourselves and accept all of who we are as souls, […]

Energy Healing: 4 Surprising Facts Everyone Should Know

Everything is energy. Sadly, the body can suffer from energetic blocks, which affect both the physical and the spiritual. Through energy healing, you’ll be able to break through these energetic blocks, re-enable the body’s self-healing ability and energise your spirit. It is a lot to process and it could confuse anyone. But as long as […]

How to Awaken Your Senses and Tune into Cosmic Energy

Cosmic energy is the invisible force which unites all life, the string of light which goes through everything and everyone. It exists in the Cosmos, in the galaxies and in every molecule of every form of existence. It’s an infinite source of love and superior knowledge and it’s the key to living a fulfilled, whole life and expanding your […]