Tune in to the Love Frequency and See how Your Life Will Improve

You are vibration, you are unbound energy, you are light traveling through particles. How many of us are aware of this basic truth? There are only a few inquisitive minds which dare to go farther than the standard answers. Even fewer get to know more about the Love Frequency dictating the universal dynamics. Many times, have I […]

5 Aspects which Enable Psychic Healers to Change Your Life

Do you know those people whose mere physical presence makes you suddenly feel better? Those are the ones whose company you seek. The ones who exert a magnetic power you can’t really explain. They have that je ne sais quoi that seems to draw you towards them and also brings up the energy level of a room. These are […]

Why Energy Healing Is a Therapy No One Talks about

As we’re growing up, we’re inevitably imbued with preconceived notions – one of them being how we should address sickness and healing. We’re taught that going to the hospital and having a doctor see us, is the way to go in order to get better. We’re taught that alternative healing methods – like energy healing – are […]

SUMMER SOLSTICE Guided Meditation – LOVE TRANSMISSION -Download Light Codes

In this video Jerry shares a powerful free guided meditation on this extraordinary Summer Solstice. This meditation and love transmission is meg powerful. connect with your extra-terrestrial brothers and sisters in this ocean of cosmic bliss and expand your consciousness and elevate your vibration and the frequency of planet earth in the process. If you […]

How to Cultivate a Winning Attitude and Let Go of Your Fears

The pursuit of happiness is one of the most legitimate human desires. Who could blame you for desiring the best for yourself? That said, a question is to be asked: how do you engage in this pursuit? Do you cultivate a winning attitude or do you let yourself be brought down by your own negative […]

Ignite Your Life and Wellbeing with a Daring Approach

It’s often that we strongly desire to completely change ourselves and we don’t know which path to take. We come across dozens of self-help workshops or resources which lack the main ingredient – spirituality. Can you ignite your life without it? Some of us can, some of us don’t. But few of us have encountered the […]

Human Photosynthesis – Light Code Activation & Power of the Sun

In this video Jerry shares valuable information on human photosynthesis. We are all like plants, flowers, trees. We have the ability to metabolise light as energy and as a species we must connect to the light frequencies that are travelling into our space from the central sun. We must feed our bodies what our bodies […]

5 Enlightening Ways to Explore Your Potential and Access the Life You Deserve

You have the right to live your best life – the life you deserve. You’re entitled to it. Still, you may have a hard time embracing this as the truth and end up resigning yourself to whatever life throws at you instead of going after your dreams. But you have the extraordinary power to transform your life and the […]

Simple Tips that Will Help You Activate Your Inner Energy Healer

You might not feel it all the time, but you are special. You were born to do great things and have amazing natural-born abilities which you’re probably not even aware of. From the day you were born, you’ve had this astounding gift to heal yourself. All the resorts you need to recover – both physically and spiritually – are […]

5th Density Chakra Meditation -Light Code Activation and Avatar Blueprint

In this video Jerry shares a free guided healing meditation with you for dissolving your 3rd density Chakra system and blending your light into one heart. We are changing as human beings. We are becoming Cosmic Avatars and reconnecting to our divine and inherent blue print. This free guided meditation was recorded live at the […]

Money, Health, Relationships – Could All Be Enhanced by Guided Meditation?

The driving force behind our day-to-day efforts is acquiring wealth, prosperity and peace of mind. We seek for creating a functional balance between money, health and human relationships. Can a guided meditation take all three elements and fuse them into the desired synergy we’re pursuing all life long? The answer is “yes” – and I will tell you why. […]

How to Gain Clarity and Power Up Your Life (Right Now!)

Who am I? What is my true life purpose? Where am I heading? Is this the right path? These are questions we all ask ourselves – even if we are sometimes afraid to say them out loud. Life can seem hazy sometimes, and we can easily get sidetracked. But remember that you are special and […]

CROP CIRCLE – Extra-Terrestrial Light Language Transmission – Powerful Guided Healing Meditation

In this video Jerry shares a powerful experience. This is a free guided healing meditation and light language transmission from inside a freshly imprinted crop circle. The energy and the high frequency transmission that emanates from within this space is super powerful. Light codes and geometry will fill your being as you expand your levels […]

How You Can Use the Power of Nature to Recharge Your Life

Imagine being in a thick forest. Sunbeams are shining through the trees. You feel a warm breeze on your face, while you listen to the sound of the wind in the trees and the soft rustling of the leaves. Just imagining it makes you feel a little bit better, right? Well, that’s because nature can help you recharge […]