Use This Fail-Proof Method to Achieve Financial Abundance

We all wish to earn more, but it seems regardless of how much you earn it’s never enough. Financial Abundance is about eliminating the blocks of energy in your relationship with money. There is a way you can change this. Take these steps in order to have a more enriching life: 1. Accept and Embrace the […]

Tips for Parenting a Crystal Child -Star Seeds & Ascension

In this video Jerry shares some amazing tips on how to parent crystal children, a new breed of children that are being born onto our planet, Earth. Crystal Children are here carrying a high vibrational frequency that will force us as parents, to drop from our heads down into our hearts and live on the […]

Unleash Your True Potential Through This Secret Meditation Technique

We were all born to live – not merely exist. We are not meant to drift away in this world with no guidance; we all have an important purpose we have to fulfil to experience utter bliss. Awakening to your life’s purpose is strongly connected to unveiling and achieving your true potential. That is why, in […]

The Secret Technique to Improve Your Love Life

There are many articles online which talk about the many health benefits practicing meditation has on the body. But did you know it can also help you bring more love into your life? Whether you are still looking for your soul mate or you just want to work on an existing relationship, this article is for […]

Successful People Are Depressed. Here’s How They Fight Back

You may look at highly accomplished, successful people and think they lead the perfect life. They have thriving careers, can afford to buy nice things, go on exotic trips and experience the kind of financial wealth most people only fantasize about. However, success is not an absence of internal turmoil. In fact, recent research has shown the world’s most […]

The Secret to Beating Depression Is Revealed. No Meds Required!

Piercing feelings of worthlessness and desolation, loss of hope, a sudden decrease in energy, insomnia. These are just some of the symptoms more than 121 million people worldwide experience on a day-to-day basis. If you are one of them, then you know the crippling pain which comes with depression is utterly destructive. But, beating depression is possible […]

How to Escape the Vibrational Prison – Key to the Matrix & Trauma Control

In this video Jerry shares 4 tips to escape the matrix. We live and play in a vibrational prison and most of humanity is unaware. Once you become aware you can make certain choices that enable you to exit the matrix and experience freedom on Earth. You deserve to live fully and flourish on this […]

Draco-Reptilian Manipulation – Gurus & Teachers

In this video Jerry shares the dark truth about the dangers of guru’s and spiritual teachers. How sex can be used to manipulate someone in desperate need of help and how the Draco-Reptilian Agenda is influencing some people on their spiritual path to feed off of sexual and fear based, low vibrational energy. They are […]

3 Steps Towards Creating Self-Worth by Taking on Cosmic Energy

The hardest-to-cure scars are those you’re not aware of. And they’re hard to heal especially because you can hardly detect them, unless you know the direct cause. They hide away in your subconscious only to resurface at your most vulnerable times. But, there’s a way of preventing this: tune in to the cosmic energy and you’ll be able […]

Secret Powers Television Show

Live on the Secret Powers Television show. Live on Romanian TV and streamed to 15 million viewers globally. Want to connect to your power? Take on our 7,13 and 27 day Meditation Challenge – Click HERE

How to Achieve a Better Life Perspective with 3rd Eye Activation

One of the best-kept secrets in the Universe is that lots of issues can be solved if only people look carefully at themselves. But rather than trying out effective alternative solutions like 3rd eye activation, they stick to the familiar. To comfort. Indeed, seeking for answers in the spiritual realm will most likely shatter your perspective upon […]

Why It’s Important to Connect to the Cosmic Vibration and Live as One Love

Cosmic vibration is not something you’d be thinking of when life seems to put you to the test. When control seems lost. Except, connecting to the celestial pulse IS one of the most important favours you could do to yourself. Deepening your knowledge on the underlying laws of existence is not just an easy fix to your […]

Step-by-Step Guided Cosmic Energy Meditation You Can Do at Home

Do you feel somewhat distressed, like something is wrong or missing in your life? If you’ve been feeling this way a lot lately, then it’s time to turn yourself to cosmic energy meditation. This type of healing meditation has the ability to change your life for the better. Cosmic energy is everywhere. It’s a force that […]

How to Use Energy Meditation to Relief Chronic Pain

One of the most important benefits of energy meditation is raising the positive vibration for your body, mind and spirit. Moreover, by replenishing the flow of energy through your entire being, you are able to activate the body’s self-healing capabilities. Why is this important? Chronic pain, which can go on for months, years or more, […]

Move from Vulnerable to Powerful – FAST

In this video Jerry shares the fastest way to move from vulnerable to powerful so you can step fully into your power. You deserve to live a full life and truly soar. You are incredible and now is the time to be authentic, honest and true to who and what you are. You deserve to […]