Top 3 Reasons an Infinite Wisdom Journey Helps You Love Yourself

You may have grown a tad tired of the phrase love yourself by now. Rather than inspirational talk, it has come to look like an advertising gimmick. Which is too bad since loving our beings and everything we represent is the first step towards improving the quality of life for others. But what do we represent, […]

4 Facts to Start Your Cosmic Healing Journey

It often happens that, when in distress, people may find it hard to believe that they can look further than the established healing options. And, in fact, it’s understandable – all their perceptive channels are obstructed by the negative burden of stress and worry. In this condition, it’s quite hard to fathom how exactly will […]

4 Powerful Tips to Help You Free Yourself Once and for All

Get that job. Don’t act like yourself around certain people. Live up to everyone’s expectations.  This kind of rhetoric would populate your thoughts – am I right? If at the beginning it would seem like good motivation, it will eventually grow to be a burden you’ll want to free yourself from.  You are a star […]

7 Steps to Prepare for Your Future Massive Consciousness Expansion

Go big or go home is what they use to say. Of course, we cannot guide all of our actions by this saying, but when it comes to the way we see ourselves and how we make sense of the world, we have to go all in. Today, I want to talk about a large-scale change […]

The Power of Silence & Self Reflection

In this video Jerry shares the importance of silence and the incredible gift of self reflection you offer to others in being silent. We don’t always need to talk. We can listen and create space and offer others in our space the opportunity to be present and see the truth within themselves. In doing so […]

Top 4 Powerful Benefits of 3rd Eye Activation You Should Experience

People use to think of their eyes as visual mechanisms only. What they’re not usually aware of is that image, colour and visual perception are brimming with information.  Some of it is ‘decoded’ by the brain in the form of vision. But the rest of it is not perceived by our consciousness, making for an […]

Can a Group Healing Session Turn You into a Completely New Person?

For the longest time, rituals and group gathering have been an important part of the human life. These reunions between people were well-known to aid the healing process in all cultures. That is why in group healing, all of the participants collectively empower one another in order to reach their goal. Harmony, support and positive […]

5 Greatest Tips to Help Your Spiritual Journey Flourish

In this video Jerry the 5 greatest tips to help your spiritual journey flourish. You are an amazing human being and this spiritual journey is thwart with challenges. Knowing how to overcome these challenges is a must and knowing how to navigate your way through no mans land, the space you find yourself in after […]

Is Your Vibration Low or High? Figure It Out

Whether you’re aware of it or not, energy is all around you and you can sense it even if you’re not consciously thinking about it. Everything is energy, but it can vary both in quantity and quality. If you’ve been asking yourself “Is my vibration low or high?”, then it means that you’ve started to […]

Do You Want Your Vitality Back? Stop Energy Vampires from Draining You

In order to give our best each day, we tell apart the more demanding activities from the less energy-taxing ones and then prioritize our schedules accordingly. So far so good. But there are times when our vitality level seems to drop despite mastering time and resources perfectly. In this case, energy vampires might be the […]

Star Magic TV – (Jerry Sargeant Episode 1) 7 Tips for Ascension – 2017 10 06

Star Magic TV has just been launched in Romania. This is episode 1. Jerry will be discussing a variety of topics and inviting on special guests to talk about all things spiritual. Stay tuned. The show will be live on 6TV every Friday evening at 19.30 local time. It will also be streamed live on […]

Frequency Flow and F**K It – Enforce Your Boundaries and Be Powerful

In this video Jerry discusses 3 mission critical ingredients Frequency, Flow and Fuck It and how important they are in you harnessing your power. You deserve to give your self the time and space to kick back and experience this inspirational video. Team work is the key to a free and harmonious reality. We are […]

Why You Could Be Sensitive to the Vibrational Energy Around You

I constantly remind people that just because we can’t see energy, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. We can’t see air either, but yet we breathe it and it keeps us alive. We are vibrational energy and it is all around us, whether we acknowledge it or not. Some people are more sensitive than others […]

Why It’s Essential to Put Yourself First. Always

You’ve probably heard it before. Either the media or the people around you keep saying how important it is to love and put yourself first.  Your initial reaction might be that this is too selfish and there’s no way you can do it. But I’m about to prove you the exact opposite in this article. […]