How to Use Meditation to Heal Your Broken Heart

When we experience profound heartache, it’s hard not to be sucked in and dwell in our misery. After all, it’s a world-shattering occurrence which forces us to completely revisit ideas about self, behaviour or rapport with the others.¬† Are you undergoing such a time in your life? Then you’re most certainly involved in an active […]

How to Manifest -Rapid Results Using Your Merkaba

In this video Jerry¬†shares with you the fastest way to manifest and create the reality and you. Its simple, fast and proven to work. You will use your Merkaba in a very specific and unique way. Watch, listen and use this super-powerful manifestation machine now to create your perfect life fast. You deserve to give […]

How to Use Guided Meditation to Energize Your Body

The New Year has come and dozens of enthusiastic resolutions come with it, as well. Those related to pircise, healthyt eating and workouts make up the overwhelming majority of these resolutions. And it’s only natural. You want to energise your body. You want to control the way it reacts to stress – and physical activity […]

SELF LOVE – Free Guided Healing Meditation & Light language Transmission

In this video Jerry gives you a free distance energy healing healing session as he takes you though a guided healing meditation and shares a powerful light language transmission based on self-love, unity, harmony, divinity, acceptance and unconditional love. This free star magic guided healing meditation. You deserve to give your self the time and […]

Harnessing Serious Energy by Taking Responsibility

n this video Jerry discusses the importance of taking personal responsibility and the energy you can harness from it. Blaming, judging, both strip you and siphon your energy. Once you take responsibility it fills you with motivation, drive, inspiration and huge energy. Y You deserve to give your self the time and space to kick […]