How to Tap into the Knowledge of the Universe to Transform Your Life

Moments of sudden, unabridged inspiration and creativity are what enlightened individuals are seeking for, sometimes all throughout their lives. They are the ones who are able to access the knowledge of the Universe. If you think about geniuses, inventors or innovators from another perspective, you could find out they relied on these moments of intense connection to their […]

Connect to Source Energy FAST

In this video Jerry shares a powerful tool to connect to source energy where you can harness immense power, high energy and pure wisdom. You deserve to give your self the time and space to kick back and experience this inspirational video. Team work is the key to a free and harmonious reality. We are […]

Best Ways to Access Your Akashic Records to Experience Universal Knowledge

Some people can live an entire lifetime and still not get past the illusion of reality. Some others, on the contrary, are able to access universal knowledge and let themselves be permeated by the deepest understanding of this world. The good news is you can choose what part of the spectrum you want to be […]

How to Find Love and Prosperity Through the Power of Meditation

The pursuit of happiness is maybe one of the most significant factors driving humanity further. We dream of getting happier, more comfortable, more at peace with ourselves – in short, more prosperous (both spiritually and financially). But how do we intend to achieve that? By employing the power of meditation? Or, rather, by working ceaselessly, day […]

4 Unmistakable Signs of Spiritual Ascension You May Be Experiencing

We are all star seeds and children of light, but some of us are endowed with extraordinary gifts of perceiving astral signals or otherworldly messages. It’s just that not all the time these special souls are aware they’re undergoing spiritual ascension.  This is an article all of you should be reading – either because you might […]

Sacred Sex – 7 Tips to Enhance Love Making

In this video Jerry shares 7 powerful tips to enhance love making. Sex should be sacred but as human beings society as lost the deeper meaning of sex and its divine and sacred nature. Once you start to treat love making in a different way, beyond the physical being, your relationship with your partner will […]

4 Simple Tips for Unleashing Spiritual Energy to Balance Your Life

Most of us have been through times of uncertainty, self-doubt and lack of purpose. And it’s quite likely it was in these moments you considered looking deeper into your being and accessing your spiritual energy in order to bring more clarity and balance into to your life. But what exactly is this energy? We’ve been […]

Woman meets her Father in the Spirit World

This is an awesome account of a Star Magic Meditation and the experience this beautiful soul had, when she re-connected with her father in the spirit world. If you haven’t been to a Star Magic workshop/event/training … THEN WATCH THIS VIDEO… Remember to share with your friend and loved ones. You deserve to give your […]

Symptoms Which Are Usually Associated with the Ascension Process

The ascension process refers to the acceleration of your vibrational energy and the expansion of your awareness, which lead to creating a shift in your consciousness. During the process, you’ll notice all sorts of changes on all levels of your being. As your vibrational energy increases, you’ll experience physical, mental, emotional and spiritual symptoms. The […]

Childrens Meditation -Rainbows & Dragons

In this video Jerry shares a beautiful guided meditation for children. Kids can watch and listen to this with their friends and family . Enjoy the healing journey across the powerful rainbow to meet the dragons. They have a gift for you. A galactic crystal to elevate your frequency. Are you ready for this cosmic […]

7 Aspects Which Define the Abundance Mindset

Your mindset can greatly determine the course of life and how you live every day. You get choose the road you want to go by choosing scarcity or abundance. At the same time, the mindset can impact the way you learn, handle stress and even your health. They say “The secret to having it all […]

How to Achieve a Flow of Abundance in Your Life This Year

Abundance is something we all strive for, whether it’s in the form of wealth in the monetary sense or simply becoming richer through developing meaningful relationships and creating a stronger connection with ourselves. Unlocking the flow of abundance is key to manifesting our desires, yet many people have trouble doing so. The problem is that this […]

Are you in the 4th or 5th Dimension?

In this video Jerry discusses the quantum reality we play the game of life in. We live in a space where different vibrational fields inter blend with each other, all in the present moment. Ut gives us access to an infinite storehouse of light or information. Everyone wants to know which dimension or density they […]