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4 Facts to Start Your Cosmic Healing Journey

It often happens that, when in distress, people may find it hard to believe that they can look further than the established healing options.

And, in fact, it’s understandable – all their perceptive channels are obstructed by the negative burden of stress and worry. In this condition, it’s quite hard to fathom how exactly will methods like cosmic healing contribute to their eventual relief.

That’s why it’s best if you are informed beforehand about the benefits presented by other methods. You need to know your options before a crisis kicks in.

And speaking of cosmic healing, let’s learn a few relevant facts that’ll help you grasp this notion and the impact the Universe can have on the betterment of your beautiful being.

1. Cosmic Equals Holistic

You may have heard about holistic medicine – that subdomain of medical practice which stipulates the patient should be treated as a whole – both as a physical and spiritual entity. Plus, it also allows for alternative treatments to complement the chemical treatment process.

But as noble these intentions are, they’ll never reach their full potential since they cannot tackle yet another layer – the cosmic one.

It’s paramount that we think of our beings as cosmic entities. 


Because they’re a microcosm themselves. And a microcosm replicates the structure and the governing principles behind the macrocosm. In this case, the macrocosm is the Cosmos itself.

In other words, we’re all functioning inside a massive fractal dynamic. Fractals are macrostructures composed of smaller structures that are identical in form and function to the big one they’re composing.

cosmic healing

2. Fields and Waves

Although cosmic healing implies a spiritually active recipient, it operates on the same premises as energy healing. And these premises are energetic.

More specifically, the whole cosmic dynamic is powered up by the interaction between electromagnetic fields. Each entity – irrespective of its size – has its own magnetic field which engages with fields around other entities.

If the interaction between these fields is energetically damaged by external or internal factors, disturbances occur and show up in the form of physical ailments or chemical imbalances.

Healing will act upon these disturbances by balancing out the frequencies these fields function on.

3. Chakras

In case you thought the above mentioned fields were spherical, it’s time for me to mention that this is not the case.

They allow energy to flow through a centre and repeat this motion continuously.

cosmic healing

Within the human body, energy will not encounter a single point to flow through, but several energy centres – which we know as chakras.

Ancient wisdom has revealed there are 7 main interconnected chakras. When this connection is disturbed, individuals will feel a suite of effects often interpreted as conditions.

4. Cosmic Healing Will Be Your Shield against Geopathic Radiation

Not only is the Universe healing holistic, but it also protects us from the geopathic radiation – a high frequency originating at the core of our planet. It interferes with our chakras and results in conditions such as sleep disturbances or arthritis.

The cells in your body are all tiny universes surrounded by their own energetic fields, so their activity needs to be facilitated. This is, indeed, a finer level of perceiving your body, so seek all the help you feel you need.

The Star Magic Healing meditations are within a click’s reach and are the result of countless contacts I have had as an energy healer throughout time.

Trust them. Embrace a different kind of relief. Be grateful you have access to it. I sure am grateful you’ve come in contact with me and I lovingly wait for you to experience the wondrous effects of cosmic healing.