free yourself

4 Powerful Tips to Help You Free Yourself Once and for All

Get that job.

Don’t act like yourself around certain people.

Live up to everyone’s expectations. 

This kind of rhetoric would populate your thoughts – am I right?

If at the beginning it would seem like good motivation, it will eventually grow to be a burden you’ll want to free yourself from. 

You are a star seed and you cannot let life slip by without fulfilling your true potential of love. But when you are caught in this dictatorship of the ‘should do’, you are not able to unleash your power and ignite your light.

So I’d say: let’s see what’s there to do to steer away from the limitations imposed on you. Here’s my list of 4 tips to help you reconnect with your resourceful self.

1. Get Rid of Regret

You heard it right – you should forget this word is in the dictionary.

Allow me to explain.

The mechanism of regret is that it keeps us trapped in the past. In a close-up view of the past which makes us dwell incessantly on past happenings and on what we could have done differently in those situations.

free yourself

I’m not saying our past history should be disregarded.

Rather, we should seek to create a perception which values the fact mistakes are necessary steps towards initiation and wisdom. Take responsibility for them and move on by actively working on not making the same error again. This is the attitude which will unshackle you from complacency.

2. Free Yourself from Addiction

Addiction is the first opposite we associate with freedom since it is the most identifiable instance where we realize we have come to heavily depend on something.

So, it goes without saying that working on our addictions is an elementary step in the freeing process. 

What is considered to be an addiction – apart from the pathological or chemical ones? It could be a habit we cannot let go of. A person we are constantly clinging upon. A story we keep telling ourselves. Each one of these requires too much of our energy deposits – which we should channel towards more productive endeavours.

free yourself

3. Access Sources of Wisdom

When I say wisdom, I’m referring to any resource we can access in order to enrich our fountain of knowledge.

Depending on your needs, you might need to learn about:

  • ancient civilizations
  • philosophy, literature, social sciences
  • spirituality
  • personal development
  • lifestyle

How does this help free yourself? Seeking to discover what others learned from their experiences will get you an enriched perspective. And when you acquire this, you are less prone to get fixated on a single pattern.

4. Learn the Art of Focus

A priceless skill in this day and age is being able to get things done, even when it comes to the smallest goals or tasks. Let alone when you have a greater purpose like changing your life.

When you’re able to look only at what lays in front of you, you free yourself from nagging distractions which waste your time and pile up.

A good way of gaining more focus is to take on meditation. There are people who’ve dedicated their efforts to perfecting this art – one of them are in my team of facilitators.

Do you want to be a part of one loving family, where you’ll get to experience guided meditations to their full effects? I cannot wait to welcome and love you with all my soul.