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4 Spiritually-Charged Places Your Soul Can Be Healed in

Being in the right place, at the right time, with the right mindset. This sentence outlines the ideal recipe for growing, in a world wherein finding purpose and peace of mind have become a luxury.

While you cannot know when the time is right or when exactly you’ll build a stronger mindset, you can still travel to spiritually-charged places which can dramatically hasten your spiritual fulfilment.

This is possible because these places amass an impressive amount of energies your soul is most likely to connect to. Establishing this connection allows you to really feel a presence of divine or celestial nature. You may feel lighter, in command of all your functions and possessor of an increased sense of clarity. 

In what follows, you’ll read about 4 such energetically-powerful places all over the world.

1.Rila (Bulgaria)

Deemed by many as one of the most spiritual areas on the planet, the Rila Lakes are surrounded by a breathtakingly eerie mountain landscape.

Not surprisingly, Rila is famous for other spiritual symbols: the Rila Monastery and the place recommended by one of the most renowned spiritual figure – Beinsa Douno.


This place is in its entirety a high-frequency spiritual site, mostly due to its placement above the mid-Atlantic Rift through which allows a more powerful kind of energy to emanate from the core of the Earth. 

This is why Icelanders are a great company for anyone who’s engaged on a spiritual path – they’re constantly exposed to a more genuine kind of energy and have grown to be one of the most balanced peoples in the world, despite their small population.

3.The Easter Island

Widely-known for its ensemble of huge statues, this island is one of the most isolated places, yet most spiritually-charged places on earth.

This alone would qualify it as a strong candidate for a healing retreat.

But there’s something more. The island is one of those place to escape the notion of space, time and reasoning. This detachment from the kind of energy we’re experiencing day to day will allow you to reconnect to a deeper frequency and start anew.

4.Cappadocia (Turkey)

Looking like another-worldly setting, Cappadocia is often dubbed the land of the fairy chimneys. 

spiritually-charged placesThe rocky landforms allowed for underground dwellings to be dug by the Hittites civilization. Moreover, Cappadocia also offered retreat to monks, hermits and sages seeking to meditate and reach spiritual heights.

Spiritually-Charged Places Can Change in Time

The most eloquent example would be Machu Pichu. Is it impressive and calming? Yes. Is it an energy centre of the world? Yes. Are you guaranteed to undergo revelatory experiences while being there? Not as much as in the past.

Intrusion of excessive human activity in the area has somewhat weakened its spiritual field. That’s why it is not on the list I comprised here.

The energy centres of the world are constantly shifting, so you don’t necessarily have to opt for the most popular ones.

Have you had a life-transforming healing experience in spiritually-charged places? I’d be more than glad if you wanted to share it in the comments section. Together, by spreading our knowledge, we can thrive countless time more than just by ourselves.