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4 Unmistakable Signs of Spiritual Ascension You May Be Experiencing

We are all star seeds and children of light, but some of us are endowed with extraordinary gifts of perceiving astral signals or otherworldly messages.

It’s just that not all the time these special souls are aware they’re undergoing spiritual ascension. 

This is an article all of you should be reading – either because you might be an elevated spirit yourself or because one of your close ones could manifest some of the signs indicating strong spiritual powers.

1. More Sudden Occurrences

Suddenly waking up very early in the morning (3-5 a.m.) may have happened a few times to all of us.

But when this starts to happen more frequently, it usually is a sign the Universe or celestial beings are trying to get in contact with you.

This is even more obvious if you start noticing curious changes in your emotional reactions. You may experience what’s called ‘a whirlwind of emotions’ because your aura is trying to deal with all the signals you get from the astral plane. 

2. Noticing Patterns Everywhere

The Universe has its own internal logic which is based on sacred geometry.

This geometry captures the way every bit of matter is arranged in patterns. In other words, it has fractal nature (structures wherein the smallest part has the same form and functionality of its superstructure) and a symbolic nature, as well.

So when your being starts the spiritual ascension, it will notice more patterns because of the divine insight which has enriched it.

In short, you’ll start linking events, people and hints you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. You’ll understand everything within a bigger picture and you’ll understand each aspect of life from a multifaceted perspective.

Once you perceive everything as a piece of a puzzle falling in the exact place it is meant to, you’ll also be able to sense where the pattern will lead to next.

3. Energy Levels Start to Shift

Because of the intense activity happening within the superior layer of the conscience, many spiritually elevated individuals claimed to have perceived changes in their energy levels.

One day they may feel like they could conquer every obstacle, another couple of days may be the opposite.

This is a signal your energy is following that of the Universe’s. You just have to let the free-flowing outpour of light guide you to living in the present.

4. Seeking a Breath of Fresh Air

Another sign of spiritual ascension is building a deeper bond with nature.

You can find yourself seeking more and more getaways or even aching to have your own retreat somewhere in less populated areas.

What actually happens here is that your energy is very much drawn by flowing in a less constricted environment where it doesn’t have to get in contact with so many other energy flows.

The Light Has Been Ignited. Spiritual Ascension Is About to Start

If you found yourself (or someone else) between these lines or if you would like to experience the sensations I described above, now is the time to act.

I want to let you know you can completely abandon yourself to spiritual ascension, without fear of repercussions.

I am here to help you out, just as I did with dozens of other souls who learned to stand straight in the light.

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