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5 Signs Which Show You’re an Energy Vampire

One of the easiest thing in the world is blaming others when it suits our narrative. We may claim “Oh, I’m feeling so emotionally drained lately. An energy vampire might be the culprit.”

You might be right. Or you might not. Or the truth could be somewhere in the middle.

But you can’t decide that if you don’t study the possibility that you yourself might be sucking the energy out of others as well.

That said, I’m about to help you decide whether you’re in this position or not. Follow me along the following lines, keep an open mind and always remember that you’re a star seed that’s making the first step towards regaining a stronger glow.

Sign #1: Too Clingy

Do you often find yourself in a crisis whenever someone has to leave you or is not able to engage with you as much as you’d wish?

energy vampire

Then you might be an energy thief who relies on others’ good vibes to get through life.

It’s nothing worrisome to do that from time to time and with really special ones you connect with genuinely. And even in these cases, you need to allow yourself space to be able to detach from the other one’s influence.

Are you doing that or are you too dependent on everyone?

Sign #2: Inflated Ego

This is a sneaky one.

Many people suffer from too much ego and we all have to deal with the repercussions of feeling too important.

But with energy vampires, it’s a bit different. Their sense of entitlement is stronger than average and the easiest way to detect it is if you feel frustrated when people don’t act your way.

Sign #3: You Generate Irritability

And you cannot tell exactly why.

Indeed, it is both saddening and frustrating, especially because you have the impression you’re doing all the right things.

The next time someone seems irritated with your approach, try to understand if you’re demanding too much of their time or asking for too much of their attention. Both time and attention are energy, so when you ask for too much of these, others might feel energy-deprived.

Sign #4: You Are an Emotional Blackmailer

Just like a toddler emotionally blackmails his parents when crying over something he really wants, you might do the same.

But instead of crying like a kid, you design unconscious mental strategies which exploit their soft spots in order to make them offer you their time and attention.

energy vampire

Sign #5: Too Many Details

When you’re an extrovert, you find it normal that you share everything with others.

But keep in mind, not all people are extroverts. Not everyone has the same amount of energy they can spread around. So, they’ll naturally feel overwhelmed when you start an outpour of stories and whatnot.

Introverts spend a lot of their energy resources listening to those around them, so when they’re given too much energy to process, they’ll soon feel drained.

If You’re an Energy Vampire, Here’s How You Can Fix It

After going through all the above signs, you may have drawn your own conclusions as to whether you’re in this position or not.

As long as you’re leading the right self-improvement battle, though, you need to know you’re doing a wonderful job of facing your shortcomings. You’re strong enough to put yourself under scrutiny and realize when it’s time to act.

To some extent, each one of us is an energy vampire. It’s just that some are better at detecting the symptoms than others.

With energy healing, you can be in the former category and not dwell complacently in the latter. You’ll be clearer on your purpose, your goals and the ways you can overcome this shortcoming.

From my experience, a good start towards dealing with this issue is taking the time to undergo a healing meditation session like this one. These sessions are designed with the utmost care and love to get you back on track.

You’re more powerful than you know you are.