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5 Types Of People Who Are Constantly Stealing Our Energy

Lots of people I worked with are thoughtful individuals who make considerable efforts to better themselves and apply spiritual values to their everyday lives by focusing only on what they are doing, not on others’ flaws.

But I speak for all of us when I say that, despite this kind of positive efforts, we are still hindered by those stealing our energy. 

How do we manage our interactions with them? How do we react when they become overbearing? How do we maintain a proper attitude towards them on the long term, not just for a month or so?

We’re working on our path towards spiritual betterment.

But most importantly, we’re ever hungry to learn more about how to identify toxic behaviours. In this effort, I am by your side and I am determined to give you some support with that. So, here are 5 energy-stealing types you may encounter throughout your daily journeys.

1. The Intimidating Type

Intimidators rely on threats or threatening attitude to get what they want. And what they want is feeling in charge, be it at the workplace or in relationships.

They get their sense of fulfilment out of exerting power (and stealing energy) over others and often get an inflated impression on their real powers. Just because more passive persons submitted to their requests doesn’t mean they are in a genuine position of power.

stealing our energy

2. The Self-Pitiful

Ever complaining about the smallest of happenings coming their way, these people are stealing our energy in a subtle manner. 

By constant complaints, they require our undivided attention which is more demanding on our energy level than we’d think. That’s why we suddenly feel annoyed at this seemingly harmless conduct of others.

Plus, we may even feel guilty for not being able to sympathize with their minor struggles.

3. The Chatty Storytellers

This is another category of people who are thirsty for non-stop attention, but they’re draining your energy more overtly.

They’re loud and you can immediately spot when you’re running out of patience with their approach.

These people cannot spot signals of disinterest coming from their interlocutors.

4. The Naysayers

The problem with them is that they don’t realize they’re putting you down.

They feel their experience entitles them to warn you, make you cautious, point out every single negative aspect, no matter how minor it is.

stealing our energy

5. The Control Freaks

Always looking to know everything, these people present an almost pathological tendency to confine themselves and others to very well-defined situations.

And because they’re putting so much thought into every detail, they naturally have the impression they know it all and they should let everyone know that.

These people have the best intentions and often suffer from the backlash of their own perfectionism, but they just don’t realize they require too much energy from the others.

Let’s Be Gracious to People Stealing Our Energy

We have to understand – in a deep, assumed manner – that people listed above have serious energy blockages stopping them from recognizing the effects of their acts.

We may have been like that as well. Maybe we still have such tendencies.

But you’re here because you sensed, to some extent, your star seed nature. And that means you can manage your inner life better. You are actively working towards inner enlightenment and you are able to understand.

So, I say to you:

Keep walking confidently on this path.

Keep inspiring other people to act like you. 

Keep shining and spreading the light you’re carrying within. 

Tell those stealing our energy that they’re better than that. Tell them to join you.

I’ll be lovingly waiting for them – and you as well – to introduce them to my guided meditation healing sessions and allow them to unearth the light they carry.


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