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6 Spiritual Symbols You Should Know when Seeking Spiritual Betterment

It often happens that when people lose themselves, they feel at a loss for words, direction and resources. So, they try to reach out to those who possess knowledge about the world behind the surface.

They are the ones who can perceive, interpret and actually internalize the spiritual symbols lying within the most mundane of contexts.

Are you one of the souls seeking spiritual betterment?

Then here’s a piece of advice: before taking the plunge into spiritual initiation, take the time to learn about some of the symbols you’ll most likely encounter on your way.

I stand here to love, support and offer all my spiritual acumen.

1. The Flower of Life

Coming to us right from the depths of Sumerian ancestry, this symbol encompasses the perfection of the Universe.

It is a simplified version of the cosmic patterns working on fractal principles, where even the smallest component is a replica of bigger structures.

The Flower resembles a hexagon resulted from the overlapping of seven evenly-spaced circles.

2. Yin Yang

You’ve sure noticed this symbol on pendants or in articles talking about Asian view on life.

It is a visual representation of the Universal Harmony.

The principle relies on the complementariness of all things: everything has a counterpart – just like the dynamic between the feminine and the masculine.

Uniting with an opposing force – this is the moment we can attain harmony, stability and balance.

3. The Pentagram

The star-shaped form is counted among the spiritual symbols of oneness, this time referring to the human attributes.

The top stands for the heights of the human spirit, while the other four points represent the four basic elements.

This means we all are the peak of Creation, since in our being all elements are brought together and granted superior characteristics.

4. The Om

In Hinduism, Om is, first and foremost, the primordial sound uttered at the creation of the Universe and the vibrational frequency impregnating all nature.

This is why it’s considered to be the origin of mantras and is also endowed with an icon borrowed from a Sanskrit particle.

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5. The Wheel of Dharma

Coming to us via Buddhism wisdom, the Wheel serves as a symbol of fate.

On our road to completing our destiny, we abide a cosmic law which instills order. Once you’re at the top of the wheel, it comes a time you will also find yourself at the bottom.

It is the rise-and-fall dynamics which follows the patterns of light and universal energies.

6. The Eye of Horus

Ancient Egypt spirituality used it as one of its symbols related to Horus – the god of the sky.

Nowadays, it’s an amulet providing health and wisdom, as well as protection and healing.

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Why We Need Spiritual Symbols

People often tend to think about spiritual symbols in terms of cultural heritage, when, in fact, they’re much more complex than that.

They possess a sacred energy that has traveled multiple universes and is of inconceivable power.

In order for you to benefit from this power, you first need to be guided. You just need to open the gates of your soul, and then you’ll be able to see all the codes floating around with different eyes.

Let me join you in a wondrous journey towards realigning with your latent greatness. It’s all possible if you give a try to one of my guided meditations.

Never forget that I love you with all my heart and you’re not alone in seeking the immense strength within.