7 Steps to Prepare for Your Future Massive Consciousness Expansion

Go big or go home is what they use to say. Of course, we cannot guide all of our actions by this saying, but when it comes to the way we see ourselves and how we make sense of the world, we have to go all in.

Today, I want to talk about a large-scale change in life approach which you can achieve through massive consciousness expansion.

If this expansion seems too grand to tackle and sustain, I want to tell you this: you’ll learn to get there by steadily introducing small tweaks to your routine.

Just like landing on the moon was a small step for humans, but a big step for humanity, seemingly minor changes in lifestyle will prove instrumental in your future elevated capacities of self-awareness.

Let’s start going through this list of 7 steps towards massive consciousness expansion. 

1. Define What Growth Means to You

When engaging on such a long and arduous journey of growth and rediscovering the love within, it’s easy to get lost on the way.

That’s why you need to:

  1. Define what growth really means to you.
  2. Reinforce this credo each morning.
  3. Make it clear that your efforts are not made in order to appease anyone else but you.

This simple daily practice is what will eventually reveal just how powerful you actually are.

massive consciousness expansion

2. Allow Senses to Pervade Your Being

Are you used to deflect or neglect feelings? Once you aim at reaching a massive consciousness expansion, you’ll have no more of that.

You see, consciousness expansion is all about developing your ability to delve into the most abstruse corners of your being. 

That said, you should start with a daily practice of allowing everything you perceive to infuse the layers of your being.

Take a walk to work, instead of a ride (if the distance allows). Record everything you see. Observe people and take breaks after your interactions to ponder at your reactions, no matter how insignificant they might seem.

3. Start with Binaural Beats as a Preparation for Meditation

When you don’t have the aid of a facilitator, my advice is to start with listening to binaural beats which prepare your subconscious for a different kind of activity.

These sounds may not seem particularly effective at first, but they’re the first step in liberating your mind from old ineffective patterns.

4. Declutter Your Life

The more things you depend on, the less freedom you’ll be able to gain throughout your life.

Consciousness expands when you’re allowing some space for it to do so.

So, you should proceed to decluttering your life from anything which burdens it. Clutter can mean:

  • excessive, time-consuming social media activity
  • too many objects you own, but are not essential to your activities
  • toxic people
  • meaningless habits
  • prejudice
  • unnecessary negativity.

5. Travel

I think I said it time and time again: travelling is one of the surest ways of opening your perceptive channels to new energies.

Energies pertain to places as well as to people, so make sure you tune into everything you’re seeing, because energies will add greatly to the enrichment of your conscious side.

massive consciousness expansion

6. Massive Consciousness Expansion Starts with Questioning

An inquisitive mind is always ripe for receiving information more broadly and completely.

Start with questioning your own motives dictating your actions and reactions: Do you really act in some way out of necessity or out of a negatively charged emotion?

It’s important to delineate these fine aspects and I would recommend that you do that by finding a way to acquire new information every day (podcasts and nonfiction books are a great vehicle for this). Possessing more information provides you the means to develop a more inquisitive mind.

7. Build on Your Capacity to Love

Love is the omnipotent instance driving all that occurs – including the processes of our consciousness. So, make sure you find, nurture and expand the way you express love – first to yourself, then to everything surrounding you.

If you don’t feel yet ready, you can try out guided meditations which I and my team so lovingly provide.

I wish you all the best in this journey to come and I wish you’ll be able to join the One Family spreading love all across the Universe.