About Jerry Sargeant

One Love! One Heart! One Human Family!

Jerry understands transformation on all levels. Coming from a life of crime, mixing with some of the world’s most dangerous criminals, to living life as a healer, way shower and spiritual explorer, helping humanity expand the levels of consciousness on Planet Earth, through love. After a serious road traffic accident, a trip to space and time spent in Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools, Jerry Sargeant completely transformed his ways and re-discovered this magical gift.

Jerry works to guide others on the Ascension path by spreading the awareness of love, igniting the inner wisdom of others and increasing the frequency of heart consciousness to support the unified human collective.

One Love! One Heart! One Human Family!

jerry sargeantHealing Hands Discovered in a Fatal Road Accident.


When Jerry Sargeant woke to a loud crash and flying glass in the passenger seat of a taxi cab in Romania, on his way to the airport, he had no idea it would be the birthing process that led him to discover an amazing healing ability.

My families safety were all I was thinking about. The taxi was swaying backwards and forwards all over the road. It was crazy. It turned out we had hit two ladies crossing the road and the first lady came through the windscreen, hit me in the head as I was asleep, got sucked back out of the car and landed in the road. I don’t know whether it was the bang in the head or me seeing her soul hovering over her body once I got out of the car that kick started these abilities maybe it was both.

The Magic Began

 Shortly after this incident Jerry pulled a migraine from his wife’s head but didn’t think too much of it. A few months later he was in New Zealand and a friend of his had a severe car accident. She was in intensive care in the UK. Doctors told her she would be in hospital for at least a year and may never walk again. Her partner phoned Jerry up and asked if he could help.

I got my crystals out and lay down on the bed. All of a sudden I was in her hospital room and energy started pouring out of my hands. I mentally put her body back together again. She left hospital in 12 weeks and she walked out. The most amazing part was that once she did she phoned me up and said that she woke one night, looked at the side of her bed and said what are you doing here She was talking to me. I had imagined myself in her hospital room and she saw me, as clear as day, with her physical eyes.


A Trip To Space

A year later I was meditating in a friends Pyramid in his garden and a space pod landed next to me. I jumped inside and was flown to Alpha Centaui, where I met the beings that lived here, After being introduced to their Chief, the best way I can describe it, I received a download of light straight in through the top of my crown chakra. It was intense and over powering. Once it was over they picked me up, frogmarched me back to the Space Pod and within seconds I was back in the Pyramid inside my friends garden.


Ancient Mystery Schools

 This is when Jerry realised that this gift was real and was developing. Jerry then started seeing geometry and hieroglyphics hovering in the air. They didn’t make much sense to my rational mind but intuitively they felt right. I was guided to explore my mind in much more detail and on my journeys I regularly visited Egypt. I sat in ancient mystery schools and was shown how to heal.

After this people appeared in Jerry’s life that needed healing. People with eye-sight issues, tumors, cysts, fibromyalgia, heart conditions and much more. Jerry offered to try and heal these people and everything he did worked.

Distance Healing

All of Jerry’s healing is done remotely (a part from his Energy Healing Workshops) and he has built up an international client base over the last 2 years since healing full time. Jerry knows how to work on his clients at a cellular level, edit their karmic blue print and cause massive shifts very quickly.

The Facilitator

Jerry calls himself  The Facilitator and doesn’t take credit for what happens. He says the energy does the work. He has simply learned how to direct and instruct that energy through Star Magic.

This is what the Egyptians taught me on my journeys. I was guided to this work, by Spirit Guides and Ancient Civilisations. They are not gone or dead. They are there in the mystical realm of alternate realities, waiting for our re-birth as a planet, so we can unite once more and share these earthly planes. I am using a method of healing that we are all capable of discovering. Star Magic not only has the potential to heal people. It can and will heal the entire planet. My mission is to share this with the world and create an unstoppable wave of love that cradles and inspires the entire human race.

What Does Jerry Do?

I’m able to edit your Karmic Blue Print and cause huge reality shifts very quickly, with a super-charged form of healing (Star Magic) that uses applied Quantum Physics to quickly release the physical, mental & emotional blocks/stresses/traumas that you may be experiencing, keeping you from creating & living your most extraordinary life.

The key to why this modality is so potent is that all healing’s are done from the zero point energy field (also known as the space of Infinite Possibility/Source Energy) and works on a deep root cellular level. From this space, we immediately align with the most authentic, whole & powerful aspect of ourselves which in itself creates an environment whereby profound healing takes place. This modality has been totally blowing my clients away, and has been considered to be one of the most thorough & alchemising energy modalities available.

Star Magic works on the energetic and quantum levels of existence, and therefore has no boundaries. There is no time or space between Star Magic, you and your Higher Self. Star Magic sends positive energy signals or packets of healing information (light codes) that then interact with your own energy signature, contained with the intelligent light and sound codes, constantly travelling through the ether. This improves your immune response, re-aligns and increases your self-healing and self-recovery response, and enhances self-regeneration potential.

Star Magic can transform you in all facets of life; health & well-being, love & relationships, spiritual growth and business development. Star Magic is your key to a world of natural abundance. If you’re not thriving in life you must try Star Magic.

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One Love! One Heart! One Human Family!