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Aligning Yourself with Divinity

Would it be wonderful to feel fully connected with everything around you in each and every moment? Yes you can. With regular meditation you can make it a way of life.

Here is how you can align your entire being with the cosmos and the light of creation.

Step 1: Empty Your Mind and Breathe

Sit on the ground under a tree, quieten your mind and focus on your breath. Use your breathing as a focus. Breathe slowly and deeply, and empty your mind of all thoughts, feelings and memories. Focus only on the sensation of the breath at the tips of your nostrils as you breathe in and out. If any thoughts arise let them go. Let all vibrations go and be still abiding only in the sensation of your breath.

Step 2: Connect to You Heart

Focus on your heart. Feel the softness and love there. Picture a light of white light running from your third eye to your heart. Then tune in with your third eye and see a green and/or pink auric light in your heart. Feel the unconditional love there.  Let your awareness fall into your heart and it becomes one with your heart. You melt into pure love and feel supported and nurtured. You are unbound unconditional love.

Step 3: Connect with Mother Earth

Pure light from your heart flows down your spine down and through your base and earth star chakras and into the ground. Imagine and feel brilliant white roots shoot through your feet and all the way down to the crystalline central core of Mother Earth. Mother Earth returns the favour in delight sending from her core a nourishing green light back into your heart. This light forms a loop connecting your heart to earth.

Step 4: Connect with Source Energy

Look up and see a stream of pure light travelling through all dimensions and spaces to the zero-point of all creation. From the source of all creation picture a stream of this light entering your crown chakra and then it trickles down into your heart. This light is pure platinum shimmering rainbow light. This stream of light contains unique light codes to help you with your awakening. The two streams of light then mix in your heart with the universal love already there.

Step 5: Purify and Cleanse

Visualise the ball of platinum white and green light at your heart getting brighter and brighter. It expands into a growing sphere. This expands like a balloon through your physical body, chakras, aura, and all layers of your light body and beyond. Ask the universe for purification, cleansing and healing throughout your entire being at all levels and directions, and across all timelines past, present and future.

Step 6: Integration of Duality to Non-Duality

Duality is the illusion of separation. It is reinforced by modern culture. Duality breeds opposites like masculine/feminine, alive/dead good/bad, male/female. Non-duality is oneness or realisation of all as one. There is no duality in non-duality. Individual existence is an illusion and we are inter-dependent with everything around us. Everything and everyone is one. We are all reflections of one creator who experiences their creation as us. You are me and I am you!

Step 7: Seamless Alignment

Knowing you are the creator and the creation it becomes simpler to integrate your entire being. You feel in deeply, trust and know this is so. See your physical body, etheric body and light body as one and your divine spark aligned in your heart. Then ask the universe for complete alignment of your many bodies, minds, lifetimes, etc.  You align all aspects of your being into a seamless alignment of body, heart, mind and soul with source energy and anchor into the crystalline centre of the earth.

There are many other ways that facilitate connection with the divine including eating raw natural foods, looking after your body and mind, spending time in nature, using crystals and geometry, living in the moment and practising gratitude.

The moment you surrender yourself to the universe and allow things to be as they are is the moment you simultaneously open yourself up to unbridled happiness and co-creation with the universe. So open yourself up to your limitless potential and enjoy a lifelong partnership with the universe.

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