Land of the Rainbow Unicorns

{"playlist":[{"title":"Land of the Rainbow Unicorns","artist_name":"In this guided healing meditation join Jerry and 22 beautiful souls from the November Facilitator Training Experience and journey though the Land of the Rainbow Unicorns inside a Crystal Pyramid and feel the vibration of Star magic and this powerful group. You will connect to our brothers and sisters of the stars and receive a powerful download. This meditation is 53 minutes. Saddle up and prepare to elevate your core frequency as you listen to this live frequency encoded recording. Let's expand consciousness on this big green and blue ball, hovering in infinite space, together.","audio_file":"","a_name":"","a_ext":"","poster_image":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/10\/43.Land-rainbow-unicorns-2.jpg","duration":"52:16","playlistid":"playlistid-2","audid":25686}]}