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Arcturian Healing Technology

The Arcturians are very advanced healers who have created many healing technologies for energy healing. They use cosmic light codes of consciousness that unlock and heal you at all levels of your being. Read on to discover how the Arcturians use their multidimensional light technology for healing. You will also learn how you can call on them to guide you with your energy healing.

Arcturian Healing is Multidimensional

Arcturian healing operates across all dimensions of space and time. Some Arcturian healing methods will reach all of your lifetimes through all dimensions. By healing yourself you are also healing everyone else because all of our souls we are connected.  All living beings are connected with their environment and they will also receive energy healing when you receive energy healing.

The Arcturians’ knowledge of chakras and DNA regeneration is one of the most powerful in the entire universe. Many of the Arcturian healing techniques and technologies reactivate forgotten and dormant chakras. They also fully heal damaged and forgotten strands of your DNA. These methods use cosmic light codes that function like keys unlocking the portals to your 7 subtle bodies and 13 Chakras. These codes will also plug you directly into the earth’s chakra system. This connects you to the crystalline core of Mother Earth and also with the earth healing collectives.

Arcturians are also experts in assisting with human soul ascension. Arcturian healing opens up new perspectives to life, the universe, and everything. You will receive increased spiritual awareness and you will experience many degrees of awakening and ascension.  Connect with the Arcturians and you will feel connected with all creation.  Also, you will realise your spiritual mission on planet Earth by embodying your physical and spiritual talents and sharing them with others.

Connecting with the Arcturians

Energy healing from the Arcturians is powerful. This is especially so if you go deep in meditation and access the sweet spot between waking and sleeping. Ask the Arcturians for healing and then allow them to work on you and be open to receive their healing. Arcturian healing continues to work throughout the night and even into the next day. Your Arcturian healers will normally stay with you until the next day. Call on them regularly and they will continue to help you with your spiritual awakening and healing.

To improve your connection with the Arcturians, call them into your healing space twice a day. This can be done when you are calm and relaxed, and when going to bed, or the first thing in the morning.  Before falling asleep each night call on Arcturus and the Arcturian collective. Ask for any specific healing you require for your body. Ask and you will receive it.

Another way to boost your connection with the Arcturians is by clearly seeing them with your third eye and feeling their love with your heart. You welcomed and greeted by the Arcturians. You may also be shown a healing area in one of their temples or visit of their lightships. Feel their presence and their healing experience becomes more focussed and powerful.

Light Weaving Techniques

When working with the Arcturians and many other star nations you will see how they weave light and combine different frequencies of light and sound in harmony. This is like tuning a musical instrument or focussing on the individual rays of light in a laser beam. You will often see many strings of light being woven into a tapestry of experience. There are nodes and knots in the network that you see and clear and you will also see your own timeline and how the different energies have affected you at different times.

Picture your life as a luminous thread of multidimensional light. This contains the blueprint and memory of your wonderful existence on Earth. It also contains the imprints or memories of your past and parallel timelines. The Arcturians will show you how to enter their channeled network of light.  Once initiated, you can freely navigate your own personal Stargate system. This accesses any point in your life, a past life, or collective memory. From there you can see clearly from a new perspective. Feel the love of the Arcturians and let them show you how to edit your life’s tapestry and permanently release stuck energy from other times and places.

Arcturian Light Healing Technology

Ask the Arcturians to show you how to deprogram you from negative programming. Picture a matrix of light anchored to you by the Arcturians. See them pull out all of your negative ego programming from your conscious and subconscious minds and also from your etheric energy fields.

The Arcturians will take you to their light synthesis chamber. This chamber has advanced light technology that builds up your energy body. This chamber also assists beings with synthesizing and harmonising your awareness. It allows higher light into all levels of your body. This is high-frequency light from the Arcturians that clears your etheric body’s holographic grid, and your light body, in a specific isolated manner. Ask to be taken there during meditation or ask for the energies of this technology to be sent into your body on Earth.

Call on Arcturus and the Arcturians and ask them to send a tailored stream of light to a specific place in your physical body. The Arcturian light computers will very precisely infuse that particular region and any other area of the physical body you requested with high vibration healing light.

Ask to be taken to the emotional healing chamber on an Arcturian lightship. The light it generates fills your entire being with an intense frequency of love and joy during deep meditation. This often lasts throughout your day.

At night while one sleeps and bi-locates, ask to be taken to the physical healing chamber whilst in your own light body. This chamber has been constructed to uniquely to work on physical health issues and ascension symptoms.

The Arcturian golden cylinder can be called for directly from Lord Arcturus and acts like a huge magnet drawing out impurities. It is lowered down over you. The golden cylinder will remove all kinds of toxic energies including unwanted implants, elementals, etheric mucous, shadow parasites, and other imbalances on any level. As the cylinder is lifted up off the body, it pulls out any remaining residue.

Teleportation Crystal

Bilocation or teleportation can take a lot of time and effort to master. To make things a little easier, ask the Arcturians to place a superconducting etheric crystal plate in the third eye. This reflects high vibrational light, aligns you with your higher self-aspects, and increases your capacity for magical power.

The teleportation crystal aids in the facilitation of the teleportation of your etheric and your physical body. This is achieved by converting matter into etheric energy and back again at the point of bilocation.  This is actually done by dissolving your environment and bringing a new environment into focus at the right frequency of the crystal.

Ask the Arcturians to activate and tune this crystal. Your teleportation crystal once calibrated by the Arcturians will give you an improved and amplified connection with your higher self. It increases your capacity for psychic development and for energy healing. To use it, begin by focussing on your favourite crystal or on the point of light in your third eye.

Ask For Further Healing 

The Arcturians are always available for healing. All you need to do is ask. If you ask, the Arcturians will cleanse any residual physical toxins in your body. With your permission, they will reprogram your bio-chemistry and your etheric body. This ensures that your subtle bodies are in resonance with your physical body and your soul.

Call on the Arcturians anytime you feel yourself feeling confused or unclear. This could be when experiencing a tough time in life or during meditation or sleep.  The Arcturians will also help protect you from psychic intrusions whilst asleep. The Arcturians will continue to heal you and they will activate you and keep your subtle energies flowing and pure.

You can also call on the Arcturians for clearing emotional, mental, and physical trauma. They will stimulate your immune system and heal you and others if you ask them to heal other people. The Arcturians are master wizards with healing in many ways and at many levels. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination.


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