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Are You A Starseed?

Are You A Starseed?

We are all connected to many different star systems. This is because we are immortal spiritual beings who live in a human body for a small period of time.

A starseed is a soul from another world who incarnates on the earth to share their light and knowledge. They raise global consciousness through channelling new knowledge, wisdom, and conscious technology.


Starseeds have experienced life elsewhere in the universe on other planets and in non-physical dimensions. Star Seeds may also have had previous life times on earth.

Starseeds originate from a variety of worlds and dimensions. These include the Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, Andromeda, Lyra and Vega. Each starseed has unique potential and talent to share with humanity and earth.

Starseeds are old souls who are masters of going into other worlds for extended periods. Sometimes they do this for many, many lifetimes. During these incarnations they steer the world in the right direction, bringing light energy and technology to civilizations.

Starseeds experience total amnesia as to their true identities. Each starseed is encoded with an activation switch and each starseed awakening is unique. Awakenings can range from measured and calm to abrupt and intense. Awakened starseeds recall their purpose on earth and where they’re from.

Every starseed has a mission or focus to help and evolve earth and humanity. Also some starseeds are very familiar with the Earth’s cultures and belief systems.  Others are new to living on earth and are finding their way around.

You can be a lightworker, lightwarrior, earth angel, and starseed all at once. They reflect the light you’re shining in the world and bring an understanding of the nature of your soul and the potential for your growth, opportunity, and connection in this life.


All human beings on earth are starseeds because the physical human body is also extraterrestrial.  The human body contains Sirian and Pleiadian DNA as well as from many other sources. From this perspective we are all starseeds and we all come from God.  There is no difference between us.

Starseeds look, act and feel like normal human beings. However they experience an innate loneliness and a longing to return home. They are quick to discern human agendas and find human behaviour to be bewildering and irrational. Many are loners and are reluctant to involve themselves with society.

Starseeds have a feeling of genuine excitement upon learning that they might not be human after all. They are naturally drawn to the concept of space exploration and “science fiction” – from the belief in sentient life in distant galaxies to the science behind star ships.


See if you have many of the following characteristics:

  • A deep interest in spirituality, science, nature, and ancient knowledge
  • An ability to spiritually grow rapidly because they are remembering they have done this before
  • A realisation that earth is not their true home and desire to connect with their cosmic roots
  • A strong interest in space exploration, the stars, physics, astronomy, and science fiction
  • A strong drive for service to others and contributing to earth’s ascension
  • A superior intelligence and a more refined sense. They tend to be peace-loving and wish to protect the environment.
  • Development of noticeable gifts in healing, channelling, and psychic sensitivities
  • Experience difficult and challenging lives on earth as they find it difficult to ground and embody their cosmic light in a human vessel
  • Dreams and memories of places not on earth and other lifetimes on other worlds
  • Experiences of encounters with star guides, angels, inter-dimensional beings and UFOs

If so then you too remember being a starseed.


Starseeds have reincarnated on earth from many dimensions and worlds. They enter this planetary consciousness in a human body to experience reincarnation and activate their spiritual missions.

Many Starseeds use their high degree of conscious awareness to contribute to the ascension of consciousness in individuals and in humanity as a whole. They are also here to heal, grow and experience life as a human being.

Their primary goal is to re-establish the potential freedom from forced reincarnation. This is achieved through the restoration of the cosmic sovereign Law of One which is the universal truth that we are all one.  This idea of oneness is also expressed at the heart of many spiritual beliefs. Who would harm another if they realised they are also harming themselves?

It is essential that starseeds reconnect to their star origins and star connections. This brings them a sense of identity and belonging.

It is also vital for Star Seeds to fulfil their personal life missions on earth. Life missions are the reasons for starseeds incarnating on earth. These missions also bring the sense of satisfaction and healing that many Starseeds are looking for.

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