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Ascension Symptoms and Living my Life

Ascension Symptoms: Head Changes

After a good sleep I woke up refreshed with dreams and visions of swimming in ethers and light around and through me. These remind me of the ascension and 5D reality and are very luminous and in place psychedelic hypnagogia and in projection/dream, and appear as waves of smoothest brilliantly coloured nebula-like luminous sheets or blobs, and different energy patterns. These are of different colours and rippling like waves through a larger bulk.

Last night I felt an intense sharp laser-like pain in right side and forehead. Also dull ache and feeling of pressure and a feeling of brain restructuring, skull plate movement, and changes to the shape of my head. I can feel extra ridges and bulges and see indications of cracks and joins on both sides (only in reflection and feel) and the ‘lightning bolt’ mark appearing on the right side of my forehead. This is sometimes painful.

So I used my large Lemurian crystal around head and felt lots of stuff like a whole etheric network around. For this I needed to be gentle because energies were pulling hard and creating more pain. So gentle intention to smooth out the process with help of guides and angels and with rest the aches and pains subsided. I felt very tired and slept like a log.

Ears and Balance

I feel much fitter and energetic overall although with all that is going on my health does fluctuate. For example, my balance varies and I need to balance via my etheric body at my heart, hara area, and by using my hand and feet chakras rather than relying on balancing through the vestibular system linked to my ears.  Sometimes I have to rest as the head upgrades cause intense tiredness and dizziness at times.

My hearing becomes acute and some normal sounds cause one or other ears to ‘thump’ in addition to annoying random thumping of mostly my left ear. This is actually my most ‘crippling’ and longest lasting ascension symptom (over 3 years of isolated episodes). It is often set off by stomach burping.

When I dance I feel I am Shiva and dance in tune and perfectly in flow and sometimes experience motion blur effects when moving arms quickly or walking fast. I wonder what happens when I really start cardio and work out in a gym. I had to take time out now to allow for grounding and to process more. My ascension process can be smoother and I have asked it to be so for now.

Other Physiological Changes

My stomach is so sensitive with gas, bloating, heartburn and discomfort releasing gas to avoid putting pressure on my ears. This has recently accelerated too and it feels like I’m rapidly moving through ‘fluidic space’, accelerating through etheric dimensions of lower densities (minor bends). I have also lost 3.5 stone of weight (I was borderline obese) and am now an ideal weight (11.5 to 12 stone). My coincidental weight loss is largely because I stopped eating rubbish and eat very little as I don’t get hungry often and went for days on one meal and a few snacks, mostly raw.

This is cool but so un-grounding so now eating oily fish and a little bit of meat each today with more carbs in bread and some chocolate (all in moderation). As well as aiding with muscle build this helps to ground me and stops the feeling of being ‘spirited away’ when needing to focus on practical matters.

I feel much younger, suppler, stronger, and with more cardio exercise I will feel much fitter too. I have an intense desire to train my body and update levels of strength, fitness, flexibility and suppleness at least so I can meditate in a lotus position without hurting my legs. Also the energy from exercise is nourishing me in a different way and I can feel my body elemental liking it. More yoga and meditation required too.

Memory Alterations and Etheric Teleporting

My memory totally different and higher-dimensional like slices of other memories embedded within my memory. Most of these memories are of energies realities, being on other worlds and spaceships and segments of past lives. As a result, I feel like I have lived at least in part many lifetimes or incarnations on this world and others. So when I switch to 3D conventional matters my memory is foggy and short term memory fragmented enough so as to forget things at times, especially when I allow people and events to hurry me. I have already lost several items because of this. If I take my time and flow my memory is perfect. Disconnected and it is atrocious. To counter this ‘Memento’ effort I take supplements and am prompting myself and double-checking things when I transition into and out of my flat or during visits. As far as I’m aware only my working memory is affected. Many of my longer term memories are much clearer.

When I’m in the now, in flow, all this melts away and I just know what to do and feel everything that I’m doing whilst observing myself doing it. I am effectively inside my etheric body with expanded awareness that includes my physical body but also includes the environment and other living beings as one collective energy field. This I feel and strengthen by bringing in other senses to connect more fully. This also applies when connecting multiple dimensions. With intent and heart focus, being still at the heart and not-thinking crucial, I can see lights and tunnels, or a clear image like a moving hologram. I may sense and feel an energy pulling or inviting my etheric and/or astral light body and translate or teleport it over bit by bit. Then the environment becomes clearer and I can exist in two (or more) places at once at least for a few seconds or a minute or two. Any longer and I either slip into a dreamlike ‘astral projection’ that fades quickly from memory or I snap awake with a thought or distraction. This is definitely an ability worth pursuing as this leads to accurate remote viewing and, with further light body upgrades, will likely lead to physical teleport when combined with increased mental stabilisation and unlimited zero-point energy to power the translation of matter to energy and back again.

Crystals, Earth Crystals and Grounding

I’m grounding the cosmic energies and prefer to stay centred, still and grounded where I can watching out for distractions, thinking and challenges with mindfulness training discernment. When I touch trees, and connect with animals and nature in general, and need to spend more time out on nature. I can feel my energies grounding into the tree and also feel the supporting power of the tree and the earth with a deep connection. This quietens thinking too. All of the elements help heal and revitalise me and even a shower is cleaning a lot more than my body. My shower is an Arcturian grid, with example geometrical grid below:

Arcturian Style Shower
Arcturian Style Shower

I use crystals to ground and feel energy. I also have two large Rose Quartz rocks (several inches in all 3 physical dimensions) and hold then a couple of inches from both heart chakras. This creates a huge heart focus which stops thinking and head space and makes it easier for me to meditate on stillness. I really resonate with these and anything quartz. Many stones I resonate with and feel their energies intuitively.

I’m looking forward to the removal of potentially unneeded earth crystal implants. I know that a full upgrade is required to next full human template to remove them all, provided they don’t serve me anymore, and some of the later ones need to be done in person, likely physically. Google ‘earth crystal implants’ and loads of information pops up. It is these, together with the upgrading itself, that affect my hearing, including the thumping and tinnitus which has calmed down, and other ascension symptoms.

Taking Control of my Life

I’m taking control of my life more and taking positive action appears to accelerate or catalyse the process. It also helps with focus and grounding in 3D activities (karma yoga). As well as writing channelled materials, I have experimented with photography of light in many ways and by joining some online forums and support groups.

Trusting the universe with this process is hugely important. At times it feels like I can survive and thrive through ‘burning alive’ as the pain gets to me and I can ‘shift it out’ as well as applying the Star Magic healing with Cosmic Codes of Consciousness. This is interesting as my shift of awareness ‘from the nagual to tonal’ or focus/defocus indicates a higher concentration is developing.

I have noticed that my ascension symptoms return even after healing. I requested shape-shift and it is coming in stages. This feels strange and subtle. So I have requested constant healing and regeneration from the Arcturians, ascended masters and by flooding my bodies with light (see layers and levels).

Once started, the ascension process continues, usually over several years or longer.  I also spoke to someone online who is ascending / has ascended  about my ascension changes and he talked about a continuing upgrade to a ‘crystalline brain’ over several years. It feels like this is happening to me over weeks/months.

Star Magic Universal Energies

Star Magic cosmic codes of consciousness, when used in a creative way, is very effective for rapid results that transfer to any facet of life which is ready for healing. We live in a ‘quantum’ energy reality where we can affect change with our willpower and intention for the greater good. Star Magic is intuitive and positive change will result when used with a correct intention this is powered by unconditional love and compassion emanating from the heart.

I have an intuitive ability tune in to your frequency, feel and see the energy patterns, chords, and ties that connect you with your past lives, other people, and phenomena. I work with ‘high-light’ and elemental energies including The Light (rays), the Mahatma energy, Archangels including Metatron and Raphael, ascended masters including Kwan Yin, Sananda, and Medicine Buddha, and cosmic extraterrestrial beings including the Arcturians and Pleiadians.

I will connect with your higher self with my heart and let the Divine cosmic energy flow into you to create a powerful healing experience. Surrender and allow the healing to filter through your physical, emotional mental and spiritual bodies. Star magic helps tremendously as it allows the pure cosmic codes of consciousness to enter and catalyze change.

If you wish to elevate your life to an energy that is simply Divine and experience Star Magic energy healing then feel free to click here

Arcturus Avalokiteshvara
Arcturus Avalokiteshvara