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Astral Projection Techniques

Astral projection occurs when your conscious mind leaves your physical body and moves into your astral body, known also as your light body. Astral projection has many names including astral travel and an ‘out of body’ experience. Meditation, lucid dreaming, and spiritual journeying can all facilitate an astral projection.

In an astral projection, your light body projects out of physical reality and into the astral planes. Your light body is an intelligent energy field that surrounds and penetrates you.

The vehicle which leaves your physical body during astral projection is your astral light body. Your astral body is not your soul and it is not spirit.

The ancient Egyptians believed in the astral body. They called it the Ka. In Egyptian art, the Ka is depicted as a double of the physical body. They saw it as the vital force which gave that body life.

What Happens During Astral Projection

You will experience things in your astral body and not your physical body.  You pop or flow out of your physical body and enter the fourth and fifth dimensions. During astral travel, you are aware of the events and experiences you had on the astral plane.

It is like waking out of a dream when you return from an astral projection. You may forget everything within minutes. Recall is clearer if you train your memory or record the experience as soon as you return.

Astral projection, out-of-body-experiences, and lucid dreams overlap each other. When you are asleep you are conscious and have the ability to compare and contrast your dreaming, astral and waking experiences.

Whilst alive your astral body always remains attached to your physical body. During an out-of-body experience, this energetic lifeline is often seen as a long, thin, silver astral ‘umbilical’ cord. It is believed that this cord is severed permanently when the physical body dies.

Any thoughts or memories of waking life can generate dreams and astral environments and beings. It helps to have a good meditation and lucid dreaming practice to stop your thoughts and spot the signs. Also, you will understand how to interact and communicate in the subtle realms without losing focus or clarity.

Your Astral Light Body

During your life in the physical universe, you have three parts to your being. These are your vehicle, your soul, and your spirit. Your vehicle consists of your physical body, your astral body, and your mental body.

Your physical body has seven layers of density including solid, liquid, gas and etheric levels. Your astral body is your vehicle of transport on the astral plane and your mental body is your vehicle of transport on the mental plane.

Your astral light body is your vehicle to graduate from the human condition. The goal of each soul is to merge with God and the activation of your light body is what gets you there.

Your spirit is your divine spark, your core star, and your point of light in your heart. It is the highest level of your being and is perfect and infinite.  It has always been, is now, and will always be, one with the being of God.

Your light body and your mental body come into being at the moment of conception. They and both leave the physical plane when you die. Only your physical body remains on Earth. Your physical vehicle is used by your soul to express itself in the world of matter.

Out of Body Experiences

Out of body experiences (OBEs) are very common and often they facilitate spiritual awakening.  OBEs can be triggered by trauma, illness, water and food deprivation, meditation practices, dissociative drugs, and shamanic vision quests.

The out-of-body experience is seen as a spontaneous phenomenon. Astral projection is a conscious choice. Lucid dream states are also opportunities for creating OBEs. All these altered states of awareness work similarly and many experiences overlap.

Tantric masters used lucid OBE and dream states to overcome the fear of death. They discovered that you are not your flesh and bones and your physical body experiences deep healing during OBEs. Yogis meditated 24/7 including during sleep.  They accelerated their healing and ascension through the night while their bodies rested.

Out of body experiences and lucid dreaming are very useful training techniques. They are used to rehearse. Your visualization is so clear that you feel fully immersed in the experience you sense. You access your own laboratory or virtual reality of the mind.

It is your energy or subtle body that comes and goes from your physical form. Astral projection allows you to explore your Akashic Records, and discover your past lives, and visit mystery schools.  OBE’s are also great for powerful energy healing and accelerated learning and personal development.

The Astral Plane

The astral plane is the first plane, or sphere, beyond the physical. It is the plane where all spirits go to when leaving their physical bodies after death. The astral plane feels like physical reality with more fluidity and a subtler vibration.

As with physical matter, each ‘atom’ in the astral plane has its own unique frequency and vibration. The astral universe is layered according to frequency and it can be visualized in many ways. This includes 2D planes, 3D volumes, and 4D hyper-volumes all separated by membranes.

The astral plane duplicates aspects of the physical world. This is in response to its reflection to the interaction of spirit with thought and matter. Thoughts create energy and thought-forms add information to the astral reality that vibrates at that frequency.

Your astral body can move at the speed of thought on the astral plane. As with a dream, to think of another location is to appear there immediately. This can appear like a soft shimmer between worlds or as if you have teleported there.

The astral bodies of the living and the dead are on the astral plane. It is possible for the spirits of the living to meet the spirits of the dead. You also communicate with spirit beings and guides whilst astral projecting.

How to Astral Project

In 1971 Bob Monroe wrote ‘Journeys Out of the Body’ in which he describes how to astral project. His technique is simple and powerful and can be done in bed or sitting in a comfy chair.

You begin by relaxing physically and mentally. Enter into a deep meditative or hypnogogic state like you are about to sleep.  Then you deepen this state until you lose physical sensation altogether.

Feel into the feeling and vibration in your environment. Then let your astral body vibrate at that frequency, and then your physical body too. This helps you to distinguish between your physical and astral bodies.

Then focus on leaving your limbs, head, and torso. Focus on effortlessly drifting out of your physical body limb by limb. You may feel a popping sensation or slide out of your body effortlessly.

The Rope Technique

Robert Bruce introduced the rope technique. Begin by relaxing your physical body muscle by muscle. Then you enter or flow into a gentle vibrational state.

Imagine a rope hanging above you. Hold to the rope with both hands of your astral body whilst keeping your physical body totally relaxed.

Begin to climb the rope, hand over hand, while visualizing reaching the ceiling above you. You will then exit your physical body and explore the astral plane.

Astral projection is easy to do with practice. Any lucid dreaming technique works for astral projection. The only differences are the vibrational feel of each experience and being conscious and fully aware when you astral project. Go on, give it go!


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