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How I Healed a Life-Threatening Brain Tumour

 Jose was diagnosed with a severe brain tumour. It was the size of an orange and was spreading very quickly. He went on a journey which led to an unsuccessful operation. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy did nothing apart from burn his head. Jose kept returning to the doctors to find his brain tumour had grown. […]

No. 1 Strategy for Overcoming Failure – How Do You Keep Going Against All Odds?

In this video share the one thing you that you can do to overcome failure and keep going against all the odds. I am on a mission to change consciousness on this planet, so we, as sisters and brothers can live in a more harmonious experience. When you change your consciousness, you can change your […]

Nature Spirits

Before the industrial age many people saw devas, elementals, mermaids, dryads, fairies, elves, gnomes and many other nature spirits. With the advent of the industrial revolution we stopped believing in nature spirits and supernatural beings often dismissing them as myth and folklore. WHAT ARE NATURE SPIRITS & DEVAS? Nature Spirits, including devas and elementals, are […]

I’m in the Wrong Dimension – Help Me, I Don’t Know Which Extraterrestrials to Trust

How are you feeling right now Beautiful Soul?   I receive messages every day from confused sisters and brothers, unsure of whether to trust messages they are receiving from angels, fairies, extraterrestrials or other mythical beings. People ask which dimension am I in? People are feeling pain because they believe they are trapped in the […]

Heal Pain Caused by Mental, Sexual and Physical Abuse

In this video Jerry shares with you a Light Language Transmission for releasing physical, sexual or mental abuse, which could have occurred during childhood or in your adult life. This powerful transmission will assist you to transmute your experience, so you can step into your power. Whatever traumas you’ve suffered, this will shift it and […]

Release Negativity, Fast

This Light Language is transmitted from the temple of the sacral chakra in Egypt. From Jerry, directly to you. Its specific function is to release negativity, stuck patterns and blocked emotions. Open your heart and be in this space with Jerry, this transmission will penetrate you on a cellular level, removing obstacles and tired debris […]

How To Remove Voodoo & Black Magic

Black magic or voodoo is a surprising common practice and can affect many people without them being aware of it. Everything in this universe is part of a shifting frequency. Within these varying frequency bands both healing or black magic can take place. It all lies within the same spectrum, light and dark. In this […]

How to Be the Music of the Universe

In this video, Jerry shares his recipe on how to be the music of the universe. You are a universal instrument, being played by light and information, the vibrational tones and rhythms of the universal fabric, to create beauty and magic. The issue is that most of us are out of sync. To be fully […]

Spirit Food – Artichoke

ARTICHOKE ORIGIN The artichoke originates from the Mediterranean. It dates back to Sicily around 500BC where it was an expensive speciality which made its way through Naples and Florence. By the turn of the 18th Century, it was adopted by France as a culinary privilege that was exclusive to members of the aristocracy. Ancient Greeks and […]

Activate the Golden Ascension Rays DNA Activation

We live in a holographic universe that is currently in a state of flux, where new energies and coded frequencies are being transmitted to us for the betterment and enlightenment of our species. In this video Jerry shares a new light language transmission to activate the Golden Ascension Rays for the Crystal Star Activation to […]

Drinking Ayahuasca

In this video Jerry shares his the stories from his 4 Ayahuasca Journeys in Brazil. Ayahuasca is a phenomenal teacher. When combined with Star Magic it truly is another level again, and some. The deep healing of both frequencies is like nothing else on this planet. If you would like to take advantage of our […]

Part 2 Super-Charged Frequencies in Egypt – Star Magic Ascension Tour 2019

Today we have been to one of the biggest museums in the world, more than 144,000 Ancient Egyptian Artefacts lace the walls and deck the floors of this place. The Egyptian Museum in Cairo is phenomenal. The energies still contained in some these tombs is crazy powerful… The tablets carry a Super-Charged Frequency… light flows […]

Spirit Food – Maca

  ORIGIN:  Maca originates from South America. It has been used by the Ancient Indians in Peru. It is dated back to over 3,800 years ago where it was used as a plant medicine. There is evidence of the Incan soldiers carrying maca into war to power them with energy, endurance and power. It is […]

Spirit Food – Avocado

  We all know that plants are living but have you ever taken the time to connect with the spirit of the foods we eat? Flower essences are a well used form of treatment in aromatherapy, in spirit food we can address a similar form of therapy through the use of foods. In Spirit Food […]

Morning Ritual to Transform Your Life

Watch this video, for an incredible energising ritual to transform your life. Its simple, powerful and you can use it every single morning to connect more deeply with the universe and cosmic fabric. Try it for yourself.. the results from this are amazing. You deserve to give your self the time and space to kick […]