Cosmic Chakras

Chakra Energy Portals Chakras are energy portals, or star gates. The seven main chakras run through the central channel. Chakras are not within your physical body but are a part of your etheric body which includes your aura, toroidal field, and merkaba. You also have a complex network of energy channels, meridians and nadis. In […]

No.1 Secret to Unplugging Yourself from the Matrix and Mass Mind Manipulation & Mass Mind Control

  In this video Jerry shares the No. 1 secret to unplug yourself from the matrix, mass mind control and the extra-terrestrial and government influence on the human population through mind control and the creation of the mass mind matrix, which allows information to be holographically inserted into human consciousness. Discover how to free yourself […]

25 DNA Activation/Ascension Symptoms

DNA Activation symptoms. Discover 25 DNA activation symptoms that you maybe experiencing. Once you understand what they are it will help you feel at ease on your spiritual journey as your consciousness expands and your extrasensory abilities heighten on your way to becoming super-human. You are extraordinarily powerful and what lies within your own genetics […]

Energy Reality

We Live in an Energy Reality We live in an energy reality. Space and time are an illusion. We create our reality with our own imaginations. Our physical three dimensional perception of the universe is an entangled, or interdependent, holographic projection. This is created, or emanated, by the collective observations of all of the minds […]

Extra-terrestrial Agendas

Why believe in God but not in Extra-terrestrials? What is the truth about extra-terrestrials? Collectively we are all God (Brahman) and also individual Divine seeds (Atman) each with the potential to ripen these seeds and remember that we are indeed creator gods. The angels serve us, humanity, as they serve God which is us. This […]

Guided Meditation: How to Build Unbreakable Self-Confidence

This video contains a powerful guided meditation for building unbreakable self-confidence. You must be confident in your own skin. You must be confident with who you are at the core of your being. This free guided meditation is super-powerful. Get ready for transformation. Learn more about Star Magic here

Summer Solstice Healing Meditation

This video contains a powerful Summer Solstice Transmission and Pleiadian Light Code Energy Upgrade. This guided meditation is a super-powerful healing tool. When you listen to this guided meditation for the next 36 days your life will transform. Your consciousness will expand in infinite ways and your frequency will shift. Enjoy your experience. Please share […]

We Are All Extra-terrestrials

We are all extra-terrestrials. Our elements are forged in explosions of stars. We are born of stardust, feed on starlight, and share our information with the whole universe thanks to quantum entanglement. We Are Spiritual Beings Having a Human Existence A developing soul requires various experiences to mature and develop its consciousness. So souls decide […]

How to live a positive life. 6 Powerful Tips

  You are amazing, deserve to live a positive life and you are destined for greatness. Its time time to shine and live a positive life always. In this video Jerry Sargeant shares 6 powerful tips on how to live a positive life. Listen and follow these 6 easy to implement tips and your life will […]

Light ships, plant medicine and Star Magic

Star Magic Energy Healing Testimonial: Discussing Light Ships, Plant Medicine & Star Magic. Steve Fillenburg has been on his spiritual journey for many years, has worked with the very best Shamans in the world, has taken Ayahuasca and in this video he shares his experience from a Star Magic Training Experience. Star Magic is the […]

DMT the Spirit Molecule unleashed. A real DMT Experience.

In this video, DMT the spirit molecule is unleashed.  Jerry shares a DMT Experience with you. He takes it live on camera and then shares what happened with you. DMT is the spirit molecule, because it gives you access to the spirit world and it often induces mystical experiences. It is not the type of […]

5th Dimensional Extraterrestrial Light Body and Ascension/DNA Activation PART 1

In this video Jerry shares information regarding the foundation of your 5th Dimensional Extraterrestrial Light Body. This Light Body and Extended Light Body also acts as a buffer to safely allow powerful extra-terrestrial light frequencies to safely enter your space and elevate your levels of consciousness. Jerry also discusses the difference between chakras and transmission […]

The Force & Our Fractal Universe

The Force & Our Fractal Universe in All Things  There is an energy or force that is everywhere, all around you and all through the universe, and inside of every cell and atom within your body. Also, all things are within all things, and everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies affecting realities of different […]

Healing Childhood Trauma

Healing childhood trauma is so important. Most of us are running patterns, ingrained into us from childhood. The first 7 years of our human life in this 3D reality, are when we are influenced the most and take on board the conditioning of parents, teachers and other influences in our environment. As children we get […]

Distance Healing 101. How to Switch Realities

In this video, Jerry shares a distance healing story surrounding the topic of self-love and offers a free distance energy healing as he does so. Jerry also discusses how to flip realities, delete karmic patterns and let us know that Karma is bullshit. This Star Magic Energy Healing 101 Technique will seriously open your eyes. […]

Healing Retreats UK

Star Magic Healing Retreats UK are much more than a healing retreat. Whilst being in nature, in the heart of the Shropshire countryside, away from the busy-ness of this 3D Reality, detoxing with raw foods cooked by our 5 Star Vegan Chef, you get to remember the most powerful healing modality on the planet. Detox […]