Why Everyone Should Give Meditation a Try

Slowing down to give meditation a try in this age of fast-paced lifestyles and relentless pursuit of action? Some people would actually raise their eyebrows at this prospect. And maybe they are the first who should consider taking on meditation. Ultimately, our core nature – which is that of light – is fuelled by the […]

How to Use Meditation to Heal Your Broken Heart

When we experience profound heartache, it’s hard not to be sucked in and dwell in our misery. After all, it’s a world-shattering occurrence which forces us to completely revisit ideas about self, behaviour or rapport with the others.  Are you undergoing such a time in your life? Then you’re most certainly involved in an active […]

Can Spiritual Ascension Ignite Your Business Skills?

Spiritual ascension, or the process of awakening your spirituality, comes with extraordinary benefits which will manifest in all areas of your life. As your dormant potential becomes activated and your consciousness expands, you become aware of the higher vibrational realms of multi-dimensional knowledge and get to experience its powerful impact. Increased compassion for everyone and […]

What Is More Important – Finding Peace of Mind or a Career Path?

Finding a career path is a primary objective for most people. And we don’t want just any career. We want to find work which will reward us financially and bring us a certain social status. However, we also need peace of mind, because if you don’t have peace, you won’t be able to fully appreciate whatever […]

The Link Between Spiritual Healing and Regular Physical Exercise

As the age-old saying says, we, humans, should ideally strive to maintain a healthy mind in a healthy body. In this pursuit, more and more people have recently started to realize what a powerful enhancer spiritual healing is. It’s because of the way spirituality can mend every piece, every fibre of your being. In other words, […]

How Egyptians Approached Energy Healing and What to Learn from Them

Ancient energy healing methods have been well-known in the Middle Eastern countries for thousands of years. Only recently, the Western societies have started to become more and more interested in these type of practices. This can only mean one thing: humanity is starting to wake up. Yoga and meditation have also started to gain popularity in the […]

Overcoming Postpartum Depression – How to Build up A Healthy Mindset

Giving birth is one of the most elevating and spiritually-fulfilling acts of love that women can experience. But beyond all the outpour of love, bliss, and newfound happiness, there are some issues that can negatively affect this experience – with postpartum depression being one of the most widely encountered. The most problematic aspect of it is that […]

4 Things to Tell Yourself When You Undergo A Life Crisis

Life is not always smooth sailing. There are highs and lows, turns and tumbles and it’s enough to make your head spin. Even though we don’t ever want to admit it, experiencing moments of crisis is to be expected. How do you know you’re undergoing a life crisis? In addition to an overall feeling of uncertainty […]

3 Strategies to Improve Your Focus and Follow Your Path

Ever feel like you are just going around in circles, losing track of who you are and never making any real progress? You are not alone. We all have goals and dreams we want to reach, we all have things and feeling we’d like to experience. But traveling through life can feel a lot like […]

6 Reasons Changing and Healing Yourself May Scare You at First

In these times of ready-made solutions offered on a silver platter, healing yourself may seem a legitimate adventure. It’s because we’re used to associating the idea of ‘healing’ with an external agent which comes and performs some kind of beneficial act with immediate effects upon us. But what if you give up on that comfortable mindset […]

4 Spiritually-Charged Places Your Soul Can Be Healed in

Being in the right place, at the right time, with the right mindset. This sentence outlines the ideal recipe for growing, in a world wherein finding purpose and peace of mind have become a luxury. While you cannot know when the time is right or when exactly you’ll build a stronger mindset, you can still travel […]

8 Ways to Unleash Your Energy and Get Your Professional Life to New Heights

You are a fantastic human being, a beautiful conglomerate of energy and you have the power to achieve anything you want in life.  And the extraordinary strength which resides within you will help you get there. When you learn to unleash your energy, you learn to unleash your potential. And when that happens, you will be […]

4 Tell-Tale Signs the World Is Preparing for Universal Awakening

In this day and age, the claim the world is undergoing universal awakening might seem a bit ludicrous. With all the glaring negativity, natural disasters and generalized unrest, it’s easy to give in to hopelessness. Or to give up on the world changing for the better altogether. But there’s a big aspect we might overlook in […]

Top 5 Signs You’re Undergoing a Deep Spiritual Awakening

Deep spiritual awakening often brings confusion – and no wonder why. Your being is practically rewired to perceive radically different aspects than before. In a radically different manner, to a significantly different extent. Some of the people who go through this process may experience, at first, intense states of confusion, self-doubt or disorientation. That’s because […]

How to Be the Architect of Your Own Quantum Leap in Consciousness

The phrase ‘taking a leap’ has long been used as a metaphor for change. For dealing with the unknown. But ‘the unknown’ means lack of control from our part. If we take into account humans are kind of obsessed with being in control, we understand why they try to hold on to it. So, we […]