The Secret Technique to Improve Your Love Life

There are many articles online which talk about the many health benefits practicing meditation has on the body. But did you know it can also help you bring more love into your life? Whether you are still looking for your soul mate or you just want to work on an existing relationship, this article is for […]

Successful People Are Depressed. Here’s How They Fight Back

You may look at highly accomplished, successful people and think they lead the perfect life. They have thriving careers, can afford to buy nice things, go on exotic trips and experience the kind of financial wealth most people only fantasize about. However, success is not an absence of internal turmoil. In fact, recent research has shown the world’s most […]

The Secret to Beating Depression Is Revealed. No Meds Required!

Piercing feelings of worthlessness and desolation, loss of hope, a sudden decrease in energy, insomnia. These are just some of the symptoms more than 121 million people worldwide experience on a day-to-day basis. If you are one of them, then you know the crippling pain which comes with depression is utterly destructive. But, beating depression is possible […]

3 Steps Towards Creating Self-Worth by Taking on Cosmic Energy

The hardest-to-cure scars are those you’re not aware of. And they’re hard to heal especially because you can hardly detect them, unless you know the direct cause. They hide away in your subconscious only to resurface at your most vulnerable times. But, there’s a way of preventing this: tune in to the cosmic energy and you’ll be able […]

Why It’s Important to Connect to the Cosmic Vibration and Live as One Love

Cosmic vibration is not something you’d be thinking of when life seems to put you to the test. When control seems lost. Except, connecting to the celestial pulse IS one of the most important favours you could do to yourself. Deepening your knowledge on the underlying laws of existence is not just an easy fix to your […]

Step-by-Step Guided Cosmic Energy Meditation You Can Do at Home

Do you feel somewhat distressed, like something is wrong or missing in your life? If you’ve been feeling this way a lot lately, then it’s time to turn yourself to cosmic energy meditation. This type of healing meditation has the ability to change your life for the better. Cosmic energy is everywhere. It’s a force that […]

How to Use Energy Meditation to Relief Chronic Pain

One of the most important benefits of energy meditation is raising the positive vibration for your body, mind and spirit. Moreover, by replenishing the flow of energy through your entire being, you are able to activate the body’s self-healing capabilities. Why is this important? Chronic pain, which can go on for months, years or more, […]

Did you Know Cosmic Energy Can Help You Lose Weight?

How many weight-loss methods have you tried so far, only to see minimal or no results at all? Not to mention the discomfort of some strict diets… Did you know cosmic energy can help you achieve the body you have always wished for? Amongst the countless other benefits, meditating and channeling energy from the Universe […]

Here’s Why Energy Meditation Boosts Creativity and Innovation

Energy meditation is the core of successful people’s existence. It’s part of their daily routine and it keeps on providing substantial benefits. Creativity and innovation are two of the most sought-after skills in today’s professional environment, regardless of the domain. In fact, meditation boosts the brain’s power to come up with great ideas. In the […]

5 Energy Meditation Mistakes which Ruin Your Life

Energy meditation is one of the best ways you can change your life for the better. However, when you’re not getting the much-needed guidance, you may be prone to mistakes which eventually alter the final results. If you want to make your life more abundant and get a general state of well-being, you should definitely […]

Workplace Situation Is not so Great? You Should Try Guided Meditation

Guided meditation – which originates in the Oriental civilization wisdom – is most often associated with spiritual enhancement. But you might be surprised by the effects it has on more pragmatic matters as well. After all, the spiritual element is present in every single aspect of our lives. In this article, I want to talk to you […]

How to Approach Your Journey Towards Attracting Financial Abundance

Is financial abundance the ultimate guarantee of wellbeing? Not in every case. Is it something worth pursuing, though? Definitely. The world we live in requires plenty of financial resources from us all. Starting from childcare to insurances or taxes, we do need to face constant budget challenges. So, I’d say the word “abundance” doesn’t equal “luxury”, […]

How to Achieve Balance and Drive Relevant Success to Your Life

How many times have you experienced that eerie impression you’re chasing vain goals and your life is functioning on autopilot? You know how it feels. You stop for a minute and ask yourself how come you can’t seem to achieve balance, in spite of your best efforts. The answer is to be found in a simple reality: […]

Basic Principles of Quantum Energy and Why You Should Know Them

It’s not uncommon for people to become reluctant whenever they hear about quantum energy and healing. And I know where this reaction is coming from. On the one hand, there’s little knowledge about physics principles – not to mention quantum theory is something quite hard to get the grasp of at first. Also, it’s not […]

5 Aspects which Enable Psychic Healers to Change Your Life

Do you know those people whose mere physical presence makes you suddenly feel better? Those are the ones whose company you seek. The ones who exert a magnetic power you can’t really explain. They have that je ne sais quoi that seems to draw you towards them and also brings up the energy level of a room. These are […]