5 Enlightening Ways to Explore Your Potential and Access the Life You Deserve

You have the right to live your best life – the life you deserve. You’re entitled to it. Still, you may have a hard time embracing this as the truth and end up resigning yourself to whatever life throws at you instead of going after your dreams. But you have the extraordinary power to transform your life and the […]

Simple Tips that Will Help You Activate Your Inner Energy Healer

You might not feel it all the time, but you are special. You were born to do great things and have amazing natural-born abilities which you’re probably not even aware of. From the day you were born, you’ve had this astounding gift to heal yourself. All the resorts you need to recover – both physically and spiritually – are […]

Money, Health, Relationships – Could All Be Enhanced by Guided Meditation?

The driving force behind our day-to-day efforts is acquiring wealth, prosperity and peace of mind. We seek for creating a functional balance between money, health and human relationships. Can a guided meditation take all three elements and fuse them into the desired synergy we’re pursuing all life long? The answer is “yes” – and I will tell you why. […]

How to Gain Clarity and Power Up Your Life (Right Now!)

Who am I? What is my true life purpose? Where am I heading? Is this the right path? These are questions we all ask ourselves – even if we are sometimes afraid to say them out loud. Life can seem hazy sometimes, and we can easily get sidetracked. But remember that you are special and […]

6 Spiritual Symbols You Should Know when Seeking Spiritual Betterment

It often happens that when people lose themselves, they feel at a loss for words, direction and resources. So, they try to reach out to those who possess knowledge about the world behind the surface. They are the ones who can perceive, interpret and actually internalize the spiritual symbols lying within the most mundane of contexts. […]

How to Open the Third Eye through Guided Meditations

Humankind has been preoccupied with perfecting a way to open the Third Eye (also known as the pineal gland) for thousands of years – if not more. Ancient esoteric schools knew long before us what its function is: To create an ethereal bridge between the physical and the spirit worlds.  After all, it is known as the […]

Why Quantum Healing Annihilates Fears and Blocks for Good

Have you ever felt your heart – your star gate to the universe – struggling to catch up? Aching or being unable to experience happiness or infinite kindness? That is one of the most common human ailments – you are not alone. I’ve met countless people who came to me with the same torment. They are just like you […]