CLEARING : My Personal Experience

In order for me to evolve, to grow and to expand I realize now how important this clearing was for my highest good. I now understand why people can and do become trapped in the illusion of what we call life and life’s experiences. My Story At the end of May 2016 my clearing began with […]

Heart Chakra Energy

The Heart Chakra Chakras are spinning vortices of energy that exist within the subtle body. Open your heart to deepen your connection with your heart chakra. The traditional Vedic 7 chakra system the chakras are thought to vitalise the physical body, and to be associated with the interactions of the physical mental, emotional and spiritual aspects […]

Energy Healing and Star Magic

Quantum Energy Healing Every  living being on the planet has an energetic blueprint. We are all vibration, energy, light and sound codes which are the essence of your being at some level. We all create knowingly or unknowingly. Star Magic Energy Healing is key in your journey of self transformation. Are you the master of […]