Shape Shifting: An Meditative Art for Unlimited Potential

Despite the many stories about shape shifting over the years, shape shifting is still largely considered a myth and rather an impossibility. Is Shape Shifting Real? But what if, you use shape shifting of your etheric body as a meditation tool? People can then use shape shifting to shift perspective, experience change, and gain valuable […]

Value Your Body In 3 Simple Steps

Do You Value Your Body? It’s the only one you’ve got, so why wouldn’t you Value your Body? If you don’t look after it, who will? And yet, most of us don’t.  At least, not enough. If we did, there would not be any disease, disharmony with nature, or illness. Did you know that your […]

Star Magic Healing – My Magical Experience

I was still looking for ways to help me get over my fear of speaking to people when I found this article about star magic healing on one of my social media sites about this guy who helped this friend of his walk out of hospital in 12 weeks when her diagnosis had been that […]