Free Distance Healing – Heal Back Pain Fast

In this week’s video Jerry gives you an incredible opportunity to watch him use his power of Star Magic Healing. This free distance healing is to relieve back pain. Every single part of the body is linked to trigger points of blocked energy. Join Jerry as he administers a powerful remedy to help the energy […]

How to Connect with Your Master Alchemist – Light Code Activation

Inside every human being resides a powerful Alchemist with the ability to break away from the cycle of time and enter the NOW-space, where there is no past, and no future. Filmed at the beginning of the 2019 whilst taking a holiday in Sri Lanka, this week’s video Jerry shares his sure-fire recipe of how […]

Top Performance Tips for High Achievers – High Vibrational Success

In this video Jerry shares his personal experiences and basic principles to instil discipline and prepare yourself to be ready for any personal or professional challenge. The world’s highest achievers follow these rules. Learn how to fuel your body and soul in the right way. Try them, you have nothing to lose and everything to […]

Part 1 Super-Charged Frequencies in Egypt – Star Magic Ascension Tour 2019

Arrived in Cairo, checked into our hotel. See the Pyramids in the background. An epic sight at 8am. I am here with the team in preparation for our Star Magic Ascension Tour which starts in 5 days. . Preparation is R & R. In 5 days 94 Tribe Members will be arriving at this hotel […]

Ghosts, the In Between World and What To Do? Beyond the Veil..

In this weeks fascinating and in-depth video, Jerry Sargeant shares his own insights into ghosts, and his own personal experiences. What are ghosts? What we can do about them. Should we be scared of them? Or should we feel love and compassion for them? Discover secrets from beyond the veil.. We Love You Unconditionally! ONE […]

Progress Makes You Happy. But How?

In this weeks new video Jerry talks about progress. So many people get mixed up on the root cause of happiness and fulfilment. Will you be happy when you reach your goals? Or is there more to it than that? You deserve to give your self the time and space to kick back and experience […]