One of my objectives is to understand contemporary life from various perspectives. These include the character, another of the same species, from another earth species, from spirit, and from advanced aliens. Here are summaries and indications to be expended for blogs, articles and stories. The world In my childhood I saw the world as new […]

Celestial Light Fantastic

Celestial Light Fantastic On the night of 2nd October 2016, I went out and meditated under the star light in the clear starlit sky. I saw the ‘celestial light fantastic’, the network of light, wheels within wheels of codes, diagrams, simulations and symbols. It was so stunningly beautiful and stars appeared in the clear sky between […]

What is Reality?

What is Reality? Many believe that reality is what we observe, the physical and observable. Yet this is only part of reality and is the relative aspect of reality, the self-referencing and reinforcing sensory panorama we call space-time and the physical universe. There are many layers beyond which are more and more subtle and become […]

Galactic Portal & Light Activation

My Experiences On 7th August I experienced an intense light activation and transfer through the galactic portal (stargate).  At around 6 am, my ears went nuts when I lay down and closed my eyes. Both ears thumped loudly at the same time which rarely if ever happens. Then moments later the most amazing light show […]

Tim Stokes interview by Tim Doyle

Radio Interview Interview was conducted by Tim Doyle on 20/09/2016. Interview released on Oct 02, 2016 on Mediumship Radio via Spreaker.  In this radio interview, I explain what Star Magic energy healing is and how it works, Tim Doyle asks questions on many topics including spiritual energies, UFO’s and communication from ET’s. Also, we discuss some of […]

My Experiences of Star Magic

Star Magic has changed my life and helped me pierce the veils of many illusions as well as assisting me with breaking out of the matrix of perception deception and ego-greed. There comes a time in my life when I say ‘enough is enough!’ and decide to follow new paths into the unknown, the unborn […]

Divine Experiences of August Two

We manifest the divine experiences and other experiences that we desire. We create we what we think, say, and do; and our karma is our action in the past, present and future. As there is only the now, the moment, it is about steering our ship in the direction of further enlightenment and the enjoyment of […]

Divine Experiences of Early August

Divine Experiences of Mahatma Energy & 1000 Arms Synthesis Mahatma energy does what it says on the tin. If called at least 3 times a day it speeds up ascension up to 1000 times according to how fast the four body and mind system can handle. The energy feels like a sprinkling of predominantly white […]

Avatar of Synthesis

The high light energy of the Avatar of Synthesis is available to all who request it, and the energy is particularly powerful for those who are awakened and working with the highest aspects of the light. The Avatar of Synthesis is known by many names in legendary prophecies. These include the Kalki Avatar and also […]

Feeling and Experiencing Dreams

Feeling & Living My Dreams When I am awake, my observations of dreams  cause the energetic or quantum wave forms (wave functions) to collapse so that I observe only one, illusory ‘stable’ version of ‘reality’. When I sleep, I am no longer observing this ‘outward spun reality’, so my energy bodies and soul are free […]

Visionary Dreams of January 2016

Feel of Dreams I have noticed a unique ‘feel’ of my dreams, flow of time and persistence of memory in them. In a dream I can create my own reality. In the astral the reality is already there, fluid in that it shifts and changes and thoughts manifest forms. Co-creation and interaction with the environment […]

Interesting Prophetic Dreams – April 2016

Power of Dreams I started recording my dreams 30 years ago in 1986, with 100’s of pages recorded over many years. Even back in the 1980’s, I was having very vivid, even lucid dreams, relating to the future and UFOs too. Over time I have had many unusual dreams and find that many more ‘prophetic’ […]

Creative and Pleiadian Revelations

Feeling Homesick and Creative I often feel so lonely and homesick, and all I want to do is be creative. I look around me and see that my flat really needs a lot of work. There are many things I don’t use any more like the TV, computer games, spare towers, some books and much bric-a-brac. […]

Ascension Symptoms and Living my Life

Ascension Symptoms: Head Changes After a good sleep I woke up refreshed with dreams and visions of swimming in ethers and light around and through me. These remind me of the ascension and 5D reality and are very luminous and in place psychedelic hypnagogia and in projection/dream, and appear as waves of smoothest brilliantly coloured […]

Transformation Hiccups and Grounding

Feeling A Little Superhuman Now a little superhuman I feel more grounding and things are integrating better. It is honest to say that this is not a smooth process and I have experienced every emotion under the sun and by letting go more I can go further. Feeling fluxes and wefts as if multiple me’s in […]

Human to Superhuman

Becoming Superhuman Imagination is limitless and boundless. We create what we imagine. As with all phenomena, our thoughts arise from emptiness (Akashic memory, zero-point energy field, dark energy, Shunyata) and disappear into emptiness via the medium of the dark ether (dark matter). If they are powered by strong emotion they gain more power and persist longer. Collective […]