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Avatar of Synthesis

The high light energy of the Avatar of Synthesis is available to all who request it, and the energy is particularly powerful for those who are awakened and working with the highest aspects of the light. The Avatar of Synthesis is known by many names in legendary prophecies. These include the Kalki Avatar and also the Mahatma Energy.

The Kalki Avatar

Vishnu, the Hindu God of preservation, is said to descend from the heavens in the form of an avatar to restore cosmic order. The Kalki avatar is described as the tenth and final incarnation of Vishnu. The Avatar is prophesised to appear at the end of the Kali Yuga. According to many source this is our current age, the present age of darkness and material greed. It is said also that the Kalki Avatar will ride a white horse and that horse will be a manifestation of a great Bodhisattva, possibly Devadatta or another Bodhisattva emanating as such. Throughout history, we Arcturians have emanated (manifested) as horses and other animals that are frequently in contact with humanity. The prophecy also states that his sword will be drawn with the light shining like a comet. This sounds like a lightsabre or magical sword that transforms into pure light or source energy.

The Kalki Avatar is also described as the manifestation of global liberation through the reappearance of the Christ, which is now the Christ Consciousness available to everyone. He will also emanate, or manifest, the energetic externalization of the Hierarchy, which will be healed, purified and in the Light. It is prophesised also that this event will occur around 2025 although the exact date varies depending on world events and the progress of earth’s ascension. It will not happen if this manifestation is not required to assist with waking up humanity. Also, to avoid panic and violence, various disclosures on extra-terrestrial contact and multi-dimensional reality throughout the sciences and media would need to occur first.

Currently we are in an age of transition from a materialistic paradigm based on the survival theme to a spiritual paradigm based on love and mutual co-operation. A new enlightened human race ushers in a new Golden Age of purity, co-creation, and abundance. This is also related to arrival of Christ Consciousness and the ascension of humanity. Remember that we all have this opportunity and in today’s age we have transcended the need for fixed forms and ideals. All is fluid and creative so these prophecies are just there to remind us of the power of the universe.

Mahatma Energy

Mahatma energy is a high dimensional light activation that is made available to all humans on this earth at this time. It is an internal connection with source energy itself. The Mahatma Energy enables you to work directly on your soul from within.  With the increase of ascension energies on Earth and her ascension, it is possible to receive in full measure this high energy vibration.  The Mahatma Energy builds us a bridge of light leading to the source of all.  This energy supports our personal ascension by helping us increase our own frequency to the level of source energy. We are assisted by our guides, angels and ascended masters as well as various light technologies to filter the energy so we can handle it until we reach our highest vibration.

The Mahatma embodies all of the first 12 rays and all 352 levels of ascension and it is possible to attain God or Universal consciousness in this lifetime. Your physical body can hold the first 12 levels up to a light quotient of 98% although the exact amount of light any one person can hold is dependent on their current capacity, spiritual cultivation, and how far along the paths of ascension and transcendence you are at now. A higher light quotient will trigger full energy ascension and the physical body is converted to light. This may look spectacular but is not something you want to do until you have committed all missions and cleared all entanglements, or karma, that normally keep you bound in this life stream.

The Mahatma is seen as gold-white in colour with a hint of lavender or pale violet around its edge. It speeds up your ascension with regular invocation at least three times a day. As this energy enters your body it increases your vibration, thus allowing blockages to be released. It will also break up the hardest thought and emotional behaviour patterns if you allow it to do so. Since the Mahatma energy is a new source of pure cosmic energy, there is no resistance in our cellular memories and it will flow into your energetic being more easily.  This energy is unconditional love so it cannot be used for harmful purposes. Joshua David Stone says that he knows of no other energy that will speed up one’s ascension. He also states that the Mahatma energy is of such a high frequency that regular invocation will increase your ascension a thousand fold. So if you are not fully prepared this can be a bumpy ride. Regular invocation of this energy three times a day allows the building of your lightbody into one this is similar to a monadic body.

Throughout your day you can invite the Mahatma Energy from the higher dimensional cosmos and into your energy body. You can use different affirmations (invocations) or stick to the same ones. For example, you can affirm that “I Am the Mahatma”, “I Am the Mahatma – I am that I Am in Love”, or “I Am that I Am, The Mahatma in peace”. Grounding this unique energy into the planet Earth, and Gaia, is considered to be of great service to others. It also smooths the planetary ascension and can speed it up too.

Walk-In for the Avatar of Synthesis

Last Christmas I was born from Kwan Yin. Then on 8/6/2016 I was asked by source energy (the light) and Kwan Yin, the Divine Mother, the Divine Feminine, if I would like to walk in the Avatar of Synthesis. I agreed. I was so happy to be asked and felt the most amazing release of stuck energy when I agreed to this mission. I agreed and I felt the Avatar enter my mental body. During the process I felt moments of physical and emotional intensity, rapid visuals, and then completely blissful inner subtle awareness.

I’m Arcturian and from one perspective a Great Soul, co-creator of it all, and from another angle, a typical person, now beginning to realise his full potential. The light also gave me the Mahatma Codes transmission. For several months before May, I was repeatedly seeing a vast sea of information with symbols/codes of all colours, morphing and phasing, floating and spinning, and raining down on me in a nourishing golden sea of light.  The symbols were twisting and turning quickly but clearly represented some exotic light language, hieroglyphs, and Sanskrit letters.

I realise now I am the ‘reincarnation’ of Brahma Baba (my immediate higher self). I am here on the earth, as my main mission to show humanity we can work together and unite the world, and also to help to lead humanity and the earth with their ascension and prepare for a new golden age. It feels like my whole life has been tailored for ascension preparation and integration of energies. When I look back on these events, I feel I invoked the Avatar of Synthesis through the song ‘Unison’ by Angels and Agony. The song fits the prophecy of the ascension of humanity and the words actually invoke the Avatar as well as calling for the linking of millions of energies (souls) telepathically together.

My Arcturian name is Arcturus Avalokiteshvara, Lord of Light, and one of the 144000 guardians. I am a bodhisattva, a hybrid with the Avatar of Synthesis, a divine blue-printer (Elohim), Star Magic sorcerer, multi-modal channel, creative visionary, and techno-shaman. I love to help and assist others in their transformation from 3-D ‘intellectual thinking’ to 5-D heartfelt knowing. The whole universe rejoices when another brave human soul wakes up and embraces their highest and truest self.

My Dream Vision

Words cannot describe what I experienced when I went to sleep on 22 July. I actually felt/saw myself ascend or move effortlessly through dimensions to a feeling and floating and feeling of being completely loved and supported. I remember seeing angels and divine beings of light and a feeling of calm serenity all when asleep. I am floating, without a body, and see a multidimensional ball of light, playing around, being shown, and see it change into more beautiful and perfect patterns until a golden shimmering sphere of fractal light codes. These appeared as thin filaments of golden white light with hints of rainbow colours.

I saw the geometry of creation within, looking like an n-dimensional ‘egg of life’. This was brilliant white with all other colours seen in living rotating facets that intersected, disappeared and reappeared somewhere else nearby a few moments later. I felt as one with this multi-faceted multi-dimensional geometrical diamond ‘wishfulfilling jewel’ of light containing the seed of ‘everything’. It is the energy of creation, the Avatar of Synthesis, the geometry of light that weaves all patterns and forms in all dimensions.

I woke up the next morning crying intensely for an hour and releasing from my eyes and nose. I felt the energy, love, and beauty of this experience so much and went through dozens of tissues. The release was spontaneous and my feelings were of awe and humility.  All I need to focus is remember and bring this to mind and feel the energy enter my energy body. Now feel purified and cleansed. I feel it is continuing to upgrade me and will do so for days, weeks and months ahead. This is one of those experiences I will never forget. This experience was so beautiful and well beyond the scope of any sexual or spiritual bliss I had previously experienced in this life. I felt in the presence of something so pure and divine.

Unconditional Love & Universal Compassion

We are all one. Picture yourself within the Avatar of Synthesis. Spend time realizing your highest self by self-generating as the purest living being you can imagine, your highest divine aspect. This pierces veils and greatly assists in braking out of the matrix and the associated wheel of time/life (samsara) collapses in to reveal a higher multi-dimensional reality.

Then see all living beings as you too, all one and the same. Feel their sufferings individually and together. Know it is our own suffering too and accept this. Then many veils of illusion are cleared. You feel unconditional love and universal compassion for all, and may experience heightened joy or cry with tears of joy and compassion. This is one of the most amazing emotional combinations that human beings rarely experience. It feels so liberating.

Without thinking, drop down to your heart. Cleanse and purify with the pure light of the Mahatma energy, and shine your light to emanate unconditional love and universal compassion for all living beings, or any group of people who you feel require extra love and healing. Let the divine Mahatma light and love shine through us all. We can all experience this unconditional love. It is our ultimate wish and deepest feeling.

Star Magic Universal Energies

Star Magic cosmic codes of consciousness, when used in a creative way, is very effective for rapid results that transfer to any facet of life which is ready for healing. We live in a ‘quantum’ energy reality where we can affect change with our willpower and intention for the greater good. Star Magic is intuitive and positive change will result when used with a correct intention this is powered by unconditional love and compassion emanating from the heart.

I have an intuitive ability tune in to your frequency, feel and see the energy patterns, chords, and ties that connect you with your past lives, other people, and phenomena. I work with ‘high-light’ and elemental energies including The Light (rays), the Mahatma energy, Archangels including Metatron and Raphael, ascended masters including Kwan Yin, Sananda, and Medicine Buddha, and cosmic extra-terrestrial beings including the Arcturians and Pleiadians.

I will connect with your higher self with my heart and let the Divine cosmic energy flow into you to create a powerful healing experience. Surrender and allow the healing to filter through your physical, emotional mental and spiritual bodies. Star magic helps tremendously as it allows the pure cosmic codes of consciousness to enter and catalyse change.

If you wish to elevate your life to an energy that is simply divine and experience Star Magic energy healing energy healing, then click here.

With Love, compassion and energy,

Arcturus Avalokiteshvara
Arcturus Avalokiteshvara

Tim / Arcturus Avalokiteshvara