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Video – How to Balance Your Merkaba Fields and Expand Your Consciousness, Fast

Hey Beautful Souls, I am on a mission to change consciousness on this planet, so we, as sisters and brothers can live in a more harmonious experience. When you change your consciousness, you can change your energy and in doing so, thrive amongst the chaos, until chaos completely dissolves because the planets and our human families vibration, sky-rockets.

In this video I discuss the Merkaba, an essential part of our human energy field. When your Merkaba is out of alignment, you are susceptible to disease, mind control, low vibrational frequencies derailing your train and generally being out of sync and in a negative spin of experiences. Our Merkaba knows how to spin efficiently but the control fields and frequency fences around the planet make it difficult. The exercise I share in this video is from our Level 2 Training and will get you back on track in no time. Are you ready to change your energy? Are you ready to expand your consciousness? Are you ready to raise your energy levels? Of course you are beautiful soul. Get stuck in!


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