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Basic Energy Healing Technique

You can spend hundreds, or even thousands, of pounds or dollars learning to give energy healing or distance. However, it really is very simple to learn, but the secret to success is to trust and DO it. I would like to outline one very simple healing technique, called distance healing, by which you can send healing to anyone over a distance. Do not underestimate this simple technique. I myself have experienced phenomenal results using this and I know many other people who have also.

I heal always, it’s how I make my money. With that being said it’s also a natural gift that we can all develop. I have seen cancer dissappear, eye sight been restored, relationships flourish from the brink of divorce, anxiety and depression from over 20 years go within a weeks (sometimes sooner), people recover from fatal road accidents in a very short period to the astonishment of doctors in a rapid amount of time and so much more.

Energy Healing Helped Save This Man’s Life

Here is a video of another client of mind who was in a serious road traffic accident:

Energy Healing Technique:

Here is a simple technique you can try yourself

1. Choose a quiet place that you can use as your healing sanctuary.

2. Stand or sit.

3. Raise your hands up, with your palms facing outwards.

4. Be very still and go within. Focus on your heart and feel love.

5. Using your powers of concentration, visualize a white light flowing from the palms of your hands and from your heart center, which is situated just in front of your breastbone.

Note: We have psychic centers, or chakras in our subtle bodies which are constantly radiating out and drawing in the universal life forces (often referred to as prana or chi). These forces flow freely through creation and we draw upon these in our healing and prayers of intention. Remember without intention nothing happens.

6. Then put your intention forward. Ask that you may be used as a channel for healing power to flow through you.

7. When you start to see the energy flowing, as a white light, or even feel it flowing through you, then say out loud the name of the person who is sick. The energy will then flow to that person to bring about balance within that person’s aura (the subtle envelope surrounding our physical body), which will reflect back onto the physical body.

8. Let the power flow through you, your hands and your heart center, for a minute or two. Realize that this healing power is an aspect of true Love and really feel this love and compassion filling you up and flowing through you. I only ever send healing to someone that consents, unless its to a general area that maybe suffering. In that case I will send the energy to that area and ask for it to go where ever it feels it should. Remember, the energy is intelligent and knows what is best.

9. When you have finished, end with a simple thank you for allowing this healing to take place.

10. Then place the right hand over the left hand in a sweeping motion. This is the sign of detachment. You have now finished this magical ritual and are ready to continue with other tasks.

Detachment is the key to success.

Note: If you find it difficult to visualize a white light at first, practice by imagining something white, such as streaks of lightening. Imagination is our creative faculty, and what we imagine is reality. When we imagine a white light, it does exist. Some people may feel the power flowing as a tingling sensation; others feel it is hot or cold; others feel it as a definite power. Just practice and the more you do, the better will be your results.

Remember, it is a natural ability and therefore our birthright to do this. We cannot guarantee success with healing, as there is a karmic factor involved and to remove the Karmic Factor you must go one step further and edit the karmic blue print. This is another level again.

In my workshops people try healing for the first time and get instant results, hands on and at a distance. They key is Star Magic. Love +Intention+Imagination, Infused with Knowing =Star Magic. It’s my healing modality and my clients say it’s the most powerful on the planet.

Watch this short video and hear for yourself:

If you would like to find out more about energy healing, distance healing or psychic surgery then please click here:

With Passion & Energy,

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P.S: Freedom is your birth right.