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Best Ways to Access Your Akashic Records to Experience Universal Knowledge

Some people can live an entire lifetime and still not get past the illusion of reality.

Some others, on the contrary, are able to access universal knowledge and let themselves be permeated by the deepest understanding of this world.

The good news is you can choose what part of the spectrum you want to be in.

And I’m here to shed a little bit of light on this matter. In fact, this is what I’m doing through all my posts on this blog – this time, I’m going to talk about the Akashic Records and what they have to do with your Universe-related knowledge.

What Is Akasha and How Does It Help You Access Universal Knowledge?

Most people are not aware they possess extra inner powers. If they were aware, they wouldn’t know how to approach this reality because it forces us to re-evaluate our perceptions of self. And it takes an entire transformation process to come to terms with it.

One of these things you don’t know you possess is the capacity to access the Akashic Records. 

The term ‘Akashic’ come from ‘akasha’, the Sanskrit equivalent of aether (which is used to refer to all there is above the atmosphere).

Aether has come to be employed whenever there was something related to an all-encompassing spirit and energy. 

Perceiving the Akasha is a matter of elevated awareness and consciousness, a state which is most similar to what we’d call ‘feeling in sync with the Universe’.

This synchronicity is actually a moment wherein you’ve accessed the Akashic Records (or cosmic memory enclosing the entire universal knowledge) and your energy is completely aligned. This is the first step towards leading an enlightened life.

But what are the ways of getting there?

#1 Get Informed About Mindfulness

Unjustly, the term ‘mindfulness’ has come to be overused in any context implying personal growth.

Achieving mindfulness (or, in other words, acute awareness about acting in the moment) is an essential way of preparing your mind for establishing a connection with the Akashic Records. It’s because of the way it helps you dissociate your mind from all the noise you have to process during the day-to-day struggles.

#2 Pursuing a New Way of Thinking

I’m referring to giving more credit to your intuitive thinking.

What we call ‘a hunch’ or ‘a foretelling’ are actually signs we get from the Akashic Records. But we are used to casting them away because they don’t come in a decipherable form at first.

Once you make a little bit of effort to think about their hidden meaning, you train your brain to form new neural paths. This will ultimately contribute to an overall increased perception based on universal knowledge.

#3 Accessing Even Higher Levels of Consciousness

This means you’ll need to seek ways of raising your vibration.

If you want to access cosmic records, your energy has to be raised to the same level the universal frequency is at.

Accessing these records of universal wisdom and infinite intelligence is a way of connecting your consciousness to a universal family, as well. 

I use to call it the One Family, where pure and genuine energies fuel the One Love uniting us all into the universal matrix.

Will you be part of it?

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