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VIDEO: Will Eating Meat Affect My Meditation & Self-Healing?

 Will eating meat affect my meditation and self-healing? Is it better to go vegan? ONE LOVE. ONE HEART. ONE HUMAN FAMILY. Be On Our Next Facilitator Training Experience, Amplify Your Life Become an Extraordinarily Powerful Healer – Click Here Get Full Access to Jerry’s Meditation Library here

VIDEO: No 1 Tip To Enhance Your Spiritual Evolution | Do This Or Failure Is Inevitable

 There is one fundamental tip to enhance your spiritual evolution. If you do not take this first step you will not succeed. Once you accept this necessity and take action, you will evolve, expand your consciousness and raise your vibration, fast. ONE LOVE. ONE HEART. ONE HUMAN FAMILY. Be On Our Next Facilitator Training […]

VIDEO: How To Thrive In A World Of Haters

 How to thrive in a world of haters is mission critical. It does not matter who you are or what you do, there are always going to be haters. So, knowing how to thrive in a world of haters is of the upmost importance. The tips in this video will help you thrive. ONE […]

VIDEO: Free Energy Healing | Powerful Cellular Trauma Release

 Experience this free energy healing and release your cellular trauma. The frequencies brought through on this Star Magic Healing session will shift deep layers of trauma, very quickly. It will work on any mental, emotional, physical and spiritual traumas, held on a cellular/DNA level and bring them to the surface to be healed. This […]

VIDEO: How To Strengthen & Build Spiritual Muscle On Earth

 Earth is a spiritual training ground. The most powerful and challenging training ground in our Galaxy. We get the opportunity to strengthen and build our spiritual muscle within this training ground by choosing to be responsive and not reactive. Each time we make a solid choice to choose positive action, we build our muscle […]

Do We Live in a Computer Game?

It is unlikely that your reality is real. It may be a simulation, hologram, or computer game. It is tricky to see this because you are immersed in it. Yet each year there is more scientific evidence that human beings live in an advanced computer game or a virtual reality. You may live in a […]

VIDEO: How Did Kelly Heal Her Teeth? | Healing Frequencies & Meditation

 In this video Kelly shares her experience of star magic meditations and healing frequencies and how they healed her teeth, saving thousands of dollars and lots of pain and the requirement for anaesthetic. Her story is one of many who have transformed their lives by using the star magic frequency through Jerry Sargeant’s guided […]

VIDEO: Humanity’s Cosmic Code | Return To Nature’s Divine Blueprint

 When humanity returns to nature, we will be given the cosmic code, the original blueprint to health and vitality. Nature contains the original blueprint from the stars and once activated our 5d infrastructure will switch on, the human race will reach a higher state of consciousness and magic will flow through the lives of […]

VIDEO: How To Be FREE and Exit The MATRIX

 To be free and exit the matrix is a choice. Many are scared to make that choice or simply do not recognise that they have the ability to make that choice. A higher state of consciousness and an evolved vibrational rate is necessary for any human being to rise and exit. Many are focused […]

Are You A Starseed?

When you look up at the night sky and connect with the cosmos you know you are not alone. You feel a deep connection with all of reality. You are stardust infused with divine light. You have lived many lives on Earth and on other worlds. Your soul has lived thousands of times in a […]

VIDEO: No. 1 Secret To Creating & Manifesting Your Reality | It’s NOT The Law of Attraction

 Creating and manifesting your reality, your dream life, is easy, once you apply the right tools. Your energy is everything. Once your frequency is right all things become possible. The law of attraction is not the entire manifesting model. It all comes down to energy and vibration and how you operate your own frequency […]

VIDEO: Light Language Transmission to OPEN Your HEART, Unleash Your POWER

 This light language transmission draws on the frequency of mother nature and our divine cosmic codes. It is the language of the soul and will assist you in opening your heart to greater depths and unleashing your power. ONE LOVE. ONE HEART. ONE HUMAN FAMILY. Be On Our Next Facilitator Training Experience, Amplify Your […]

VIDEO: SHIFT From 3D To 5D FAST | How To Switch Up Your Frequency

 To shift from 3d to 5d there are simple protocols to follow and when you do, you will switch up your frequency and enter a higher vibrational space, a brand-new frequency band. You will shift from the 3rd and 4th density or dimension to 5th density. Its easy once you inner-stand how this game […]

VIDEO: Kundalini Activation Meditation | Great Awakening Of New Energy

 Activate your Kundalini Energy. Experience a great awakening of new energy and higher consciousness as you shift your frequency ready for a New Earth and the Golden Age. Atlantis is being re-birthed. Follow these basic principles, listen to this transmission and activate your kundalini now. This is the most powerful kundalini activation meditation. ONE […]

VIDEO: Ascension & The Golden Age | How To Be Of Service To Gaia During Ascension

 High frequency living will bring the golden age into existence. The golden age will not bring about high frequency living. If you want to be of service to Gaia, to Earth and to create a world full of joy, love, grace, unity and freedom then you/we must adopt a lifestyle that is congruent with […]