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Quantum DNA Upgrade – Release Negative Programming and Heal Addiction

   Most human beings are unconsciously addicted to trauma, pain and suffering. Our physical bodies are addicted to certain negative programmes, to negative feelings and chemical releases within the body. In this video, I will show you how to release negative programming within you and heal addiction. This quantum DNA upgrade will happen as […]

The Power of the Moon

Since the dawn of time humanity has felt the power of the Moon. We have felt the power of the moon since we evolved from apes. The moon was an orb of wonder to our ancestors.  Over a lunar month the moon phases from new to full to new moon. The power of the Moon […]

No.1 Way to Regain Your Focus FAST – Increase Motivation and Energy

   What is the no.1 way to regain focus when you lose your way or experience a setback in life? How can you overcome anxiety and the fear of failure, and increase motivation and energy? We often face setbacks or challenges, and sometimes it can be hard to recover. In this video, I will […]

Spirit Food – Swede (Rutabaga)

  ORIGIN The swede is a root vegetable that belongs to the cruciferous family. The other family members include broccoli, cauliflower, kale, and cabbage. The swede is one of the hardiest root vegetables to harvest and they grow seasonally from autumn through to winter. The Swede is an agricultural cross or hybrid between the cabbage […]

Explaining Kundalini Yoga Practices

Kundalini yoga practises form an ancient art and science that transforms and expands your consciousness. Kundalini Yoga Practises involve the awakening and rising of kundalini energy up your spine through your chakras. Kundalini energy is the energy that lies dormant at the base of your spine until it is activated. Activation can be achieved by […]

No. 1 Way To Raise Your Vibration – Healing Codes To Raise Your Frequency FAST

   These healing codes will raise your frequency fast. The fastest way to raise your vibration is to reconnect with nature. You are nature and the healing properties you can access when you open your heart and become your environment are very powerful. During this video, I will share some healing codes and healing […]

Spirit Food – Chaga Mushroom

  ORIGIN Chaga is a most remarkable medicinal mushroom that grows on the bark of living trees. Chaga makes the powerful medicinal wood of birch trees edible for humans. Chaga mushrooms grow most abundantly in nearly all species of birch found in the circumpolar temperate forests of Earth’s northern hemisphere. The medicinal super-powers of the […]

Kundalini Activation

Kundalini is your life force energy. Kundalini is also believed to be power associated with the divine feminine. During a Kundalini activation or awakening you become conscious as the energy spirals upward activating each chakra. In people who have not experienced as kundalini awakening their energy remains coiled like a tightly coiled serpent at the […]

What Millennials Think About Quick Fixes For Success

   What is the number one quick fix for success? And what do millennials think about this quick fix for massive success? Back in the day, our parents always told us to work hard to get where we wanted to go. Nowadays everyone wants it now, without the effort. Neither of these philosophies cut […]

Spirit Food – Hazelnut

  ORIGIN Hazelnuts are native to many parts of the Northern Hemisphere. They grow on deciduous trees in many regions of the world. The two major hazelnut-growing areas are Turkey and Oregon in the USA. All species of hazelnut shrubs and trees produce edible nuts. The hazelnut has a husk around the shell that is […]

Remote Viewing Explained

Remote viewing is the ability to acquire accurate direct knowledge that is not available to your ordinary physical senses, using extrasensory perception. Information is acquired beyond the use of the normal five senses and defies logic. A remote viewer uses their clairvoyant ability to view an object, event, person, or location that is hidden from […]

Meditation Techniques & Psychic Abilities – Eyes Open or Closed?

   Meditation and peoples psychic abilities are an interesting topic. Some people say you should meditate with your eyes closed and when your tapping into the unseen world, using your psychic abilities, you are better off with your eyes closed also. This isn’t actually true. We are all different, unique human beings and can […]

Spirit Food – Brussel Sprouts

ORIGIN Brussels sprouts are the quintessential Christmas dinner vegetable. In total there are about 110 different varieties of Brussels sprouts. They are native to the Mediterranean region along with other cabbage species. Brussels sprouts first appeared in northern Europe during the fifth century and were later cultivated in the 13th century near Brussels. From there […]

Qigong Healing Techniques

Anyone of any age or physical condition can practice Qigong healing techniques. Qigong improves your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Qigong healing techniques integrate posture, movement, breathing techniques, self-massage, sound, and focused intent. What is Qigong? ‘Qi’ is the name for vital life-force or life-force energy.  Qi (Chi) means ‘breath’ or ‘air’ that penetrates […]

The Kindness Code – Re-engineer Your Consciousness

   This video will upgrade your consciousness and shift your awareness into a new field of information. You will enter a paradigm of freedom where there is no blame or judgement. Kindness will simply flow through you and into the world around you. The kindness code will re-engineer your consciousness and you will see […]