Love Yourself and Overcome Suffering

Love Yourself Self-love is a regard for or love of one’s self. It is the instinct or desire to promote one’s own well-being. It’s not selfish to love ourselves. To love yourself  clears us so that we can love ourselves enough to love other people. Loving ourselves is having a deep appreciation for who we […]

Fear is the Mindkiller

Fear is an unpleasant emotion that is caused by the threat of harm, pain, or danger. Fears arise when we perceive someone or something as likely to be harmful, dangerous, painful, or as a threat to our safety and security or that of other living beings.  Fear is an emotional response induced by a perceived […]

Universal Epiphanies

Universal Epiphanies Looking at the four forces of nature there are distinct properties common to all plus important differences. They have directions (attractive, attractive and repulsive, repulsive), properties, range and net strengths of opposing attractiveness and repulsiveness, plus a unique property such as charge, mass, and spin. There are other forces (fields) such as negative […]

5th Dimensional Extraterrestrial Light Body and Ascension/DNA Activation PART 1

In this video Jerry shares information regarding the foundation of your 5th Dimensional Extraterrestrial Light Body. This Light Body and Extended Light Body also acts as a buffer to safely allow powerful extra-terrestrial light frequencies to safely enter your space and elevate your levels of consciousness. Jerry also discusses the difference between chakras and transmission […]

The Force & Our Fractal Universe

The Force & Our Fractal Universe in All Things  There is an energy or force that is everywhere, all around you and all through the universe, and inside of every cell and atom within your body. Also, all things are within all things, and everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies affecting realities of different […]

Meditation Basics and Benefits

We are often so busy we feel there is no time to stop and meditate but meditation actually gives you more time by making your mind calmer and more focused. A simple ten or fifteen minute breathing meditation can help you to overcome your stress and find some inner peace and balance. Meditation can also […]

Healing Childhood Trauma

Healing childhood trauma is so important. Most of us are running patterns, ingrained into us from childhood. The first 7 years of our human life in this 3D reality, are when we are influenced the most and take on board the conditioning of parents, teachers and other influences in our environment. As children we get […]

Distance Healing 101. How to Switch Realities

In this video, Jerry shares a distance healing story surrounding the topic of self-love and offers a free distance energy healing as he does so. Jerry also discusses how to flip realities, delete karmic patterns and let us know that Karma is bullshit. This Star Magic Energy Healing 101 Technique will seriously open your eyes. […]

Healing Retreats UK

Star Magic Healing Retreats UK are much more than a healing retreat. Whilst being in nature, in the heart of the Shropshire countryside, away from the busy-ness of this 3D Reality, detoxing with raw foods cooked by our 5 Star Vegan Chef, you get to remember the most powerful healing modality on the planet. Detox […]

Reiki Therapy

A Brief Overview of Reiki Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one’s “life force energy” is […]


La razón por la cual decidí escribir este blog es porque no hay nada más fascinante que vivir Una Vida Con Propósito. Recientemente he tenido la dicha de recordar por qué estoy aquí, en este plano, en este planeta. He recordado mi Propósito y quiero compartir mi llamado con el mayor número de personas posibles. […]

Los Beneficios de la Meditación

En muchos blogs y foros cuando las personas responden a la pregunta ¿por qué debería meditar? o ¿cuáles son los beneficios de la meditación? se mencionan algunos beneficios, pero no todos. Hay más de 3.000 estudios científicos sobre los beneficios de la meditación. En este blog quiero compartir 33 beneficios que considero los más importantes. […]

Oneness, Duality, and Non-Duality

Duality and Oneness I remember many times and that life felt flat or ‘dead’ and I experienced much pain and suffering due to perceiving myself as separate to the experiences or objects in my life. I was not connected because I was brought up to believe in physical reality as reality and separate to the […]

Heart Chakra Energy

The Heart Chakra Chakras are spinning vortices of energy that exist within the subtle body. Open your heart to deepen your connection with your heart chakra. The traditional Vedic 7 chakra system the chakras are thought to vitalise the physical body, and to be associated with the interactions of the physical mental, emotional and spiritual aspects […]

Enlightened Society

The human race has great potential to be enlightened, largely untapped with some glimmers of hope. People are individual emanations of one consciousness, equal like animals and everything else. Yet they do not realise this. Their potential is so great and equal to that of divine source energy. They have the ability to imagine and […]