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Enlightened Society

The human race has great potential to be enlightened, largely untapped with some glimmers of hope. People are individual emanations of one consciousness, equal like animals and everything else. Yet they do not realise this. Their potential is so great and equal to that of divine source energy. They have the ability to imagine and […]

Energy Healing and Star Magic

Quantum Energy Healing Every  living being on the planet has an energetic blueprint. We are all vibration, energy, light and sound codes which are the essence of your being at some level. We all create knowingly or unknowingly. Star Magic Energy Healing is key in your journey of self transformation. Are you the master of […]

Everything Is Energy

Everything is Energy Everything is energy. This includes thought, void, time, quantum objects, and Buddhist emptiness. Each form of energy can be transformed into any other form through an appropriate medium. A thought resonates and manifests through human endeavour or unwavering faith. The invisible becomes visible when our perspective mind becomes clear. Clarity and focus […]

Creation, Healing and Ascension

Creation and Ascension Information comes in as a packet and my level of mind decodes it in way it understands. Man is born with ability to create, or co-create (as God creates). We have enough free will to make us creators through the power of intelligence and the thought for creation. Everything is thought. We […]

Sanador Espiritual

¿Estás buscando un Sanador Espiritual? ¿Quieres saber cómo un Sanador Espiritual puede ayudarte? ¿Estás buscando respuestas en tu vida y tienes deseos de desarrollar tu conocimiento espiritual? La espiritualidad es un viaje a través del cual serás capaz de conectarte con tu naturaleza real o esencia creando así una armonía entre tu mente, cuerpo y […]

We are Mortal and Immortal

Mortality and Immortality We are mortal and immortal. We are one with all that is. We are light beings of pure energy.  We have all lived before as other living beings because we form part of the interweaving web of sentient energy that permeates all that is, a single moment of trans-dimensional awareness and its eternal […]

Quantum Healing

Disease is dis-ease. When our mind is not at ease our body becomes sick. The frustration and anger, anxiety and worry, pain and sorrow in our mind are manifested as aches, pain and other ailments of the body. When we start meditating these toxic emotions get gradually washed away. The self healing process of the […]

Energy Healing and Vibrational Frequency

Energy is the core substance of everything in the universe. Without energy, there will be no life because life needs energy to fuel its existence. The energy that created our time matrix and universe has a unique ability that allows it to have infinite expression. This infinite expression is achieved through vibrational frequency. Vibration, frequency […]

Connecting With Your Inner-Self

Dormant DNA Encodements Are you ready to connect with your inner-self We are at a stage in human and spiritual evolution where intense lights are hitting our planet. Wave after Cosmic wave is surging through the ether and affecting our planet and our species in the most intricate and beautiful fashion. The light is waking […]

Meditating on Love and Light

Preparation for Meditation Before meditating, it helps to be in as comfortable position as possible, ideally sitting in a relaxed position and alert, either sitting in a chair or on a meditation cushion with your legs crossed. Keep your back straight and relaxed with your feet flat on floor and relaxed. Place hands on lap or knees, with fingers […]

Guided Meditation. Master Of Dark & Light!

In this free guided meditation you will get to experience both elements of the whole, dark and light. To be the most extraordinary version of you, its imperative that you accept every aspect of you fully. You are just a hologram. You are the interface for consciousness and consciousness takes on many different forms on […]

Reflections of Reality: Evolution of Screens

From Mirrors to TV For millennia we have looked at reflections of reality in water and then by using mirrors. Cavemen painted images to express reflections of reality, the world, and also in their imaginations. Key events depicted using the most primitive of technologies. Yet they may have also had an advanced spiritual culture communicating […]

How To Raise Your Frequency. 15 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

In the video Jerry discusses rhythm and vibration and how you can raise your frequency to transform your life and inspire the lives of people around you. Follow the 15 ways in this video and your world will change and transform. Your perception is everything. Seeing and feeling divinity always is the key to a […]

Life Forms and Ancient Technology

Ancient Technologies There are many more types and applications of technology than we currently know. Some are beyond our level of engineering and others have not been (re)discovered. These include the use of crystals, sound and light. Specific applications are sonic levitation, encoding and transmitting information in light, and storage of information in crystals including […]

Who and what is a Bodhisattva?

In Tibetan Buddhism, a Bodhisattva is anyone who is motivated by compassion and who seeks enlightenment not only for him or herself but also for everyone. Becoming a Bodhisattva is a huge step in helping not only oneself, but also every other sentient being, both seen and unseen. Most people are self-motivated and work primarily […]