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Divine Experiences of Early August

Divine Experiences of Mahatma Energy & 1000 Arms Synthesis Mahatma energy does what it says on the tin. If called at least 3 times a day it speeds up ascension up to 1000 times according to how fast the four body and mind system can handle. The energy feels like a sprinkling of predominantly white […]

Guided Healing Meditation – FEAR OR LOVE?

  In this guided healing meditation Jerry will take you on an incredible journey where you will have two choices at various spaces throughout the meditation. You will have the choice to experience fear or love. This guided healing meditation maybe difficult for some as loving certain beings is not always easy, however every being […]

Cosmic Chakras

Chakra Energy Portals Chakras are energy portals, or star gates. The seven main chakras run through the central channel. Chakras are not within your physical body but are a part of your etheric body which includes your aura, toroidal field, and merkaba. You also have a complex network of energy channels, meridians and nadis. In […]

No.1 Secret to Unplugging Yourself from the Matrix and Mass Mind Manipulation & Mass Mind Control

  In this video Jerry shares the No. 1 secret to unplug yourself from the matrix, mass mind control and the extra-terrestrial and government influence on the human population through mind control and the creation of the mass mind matrix, which allows information to be holographically inserted into human consciousness. Discover how to free yourself […]

25 DNA Activation/Ascension Symptoms

DNA Activation symptoms. Discover 25 DNA activation symptoms that you maybe experiencing. Once you understand what they are it will help you feel at ease on your spiritual journey as your consciousness expands and your extrasensory abilities heighten on your way to becoming super-human. You are extraordinarily powerful and what lies within your own genetics […]

Avatar of Synthesis

The high light energy of the Avatar of Synthesis is available to all who request it, and the energy is particularly powerful for those who are awakened and working with the highest aspects of the light. The Avatar of Synthesis is known by many names in legendary prophecies. These include the Kalki Avatar and also […]

Feeling and Experiencing Dreams

Feeling & Living My Dreams When I am awake, my observations of dreams  cause the energetic or quantum wave forms (wave functions) to collapse so that I observe only one, illusory ‘stable’ version of ‘reality’. When I sleep, I am no longer observing this ‘outward spun reality’, so my energy bodies and soul are free […]

Visionary Dreams of January 2016

Feel of Dreams I have noticed a unique ‘feel’ of my dreams, flow of time and persistence of memory in them. In a dream I can create my own reality. In the astral the reality is already there, fluid in that it shifts and changes and thoughts manifest forms. Co-creation and interaction with the environment […]

Energy Reality

We Live in an Energy Reality We live in an energy reality. Space and time are an illusion. We create our reality with our own imaginations. Our physical three dimensional perception of the universe is an entangled, or interdependent, holographic projection. This is created, or emanated, by the collective observations of all of the minds […]

Interesting Prophetic Dreams – April 2016

Power of Dreams I started recording my dreams 30 years ago in 1986, with 100’s of pages recorded over many years. Even back in the 1980’s, I was having very vivid, even lucid dreams, relating to the future and UFOs too. Over time I have had many unusual dreams and find that many more ‘prophetic’ […]

Extra-terrestrial Agendas

Why believe in God but not in Extra-terrestrials? What is the truth about extra-terrestrials? Collectively we are all God (Brahman) and also individual Divine seeds (Atman) each with the potential to ripen these seeds and remember that we are indeed creator gods. The angels serve us, humanity, as they serve God which is us. This […]

Creative and Pleiadian Revelations

Feeling Homesick and Creative I often feel so lonely and homesick, and all I want to do is be creative. I look around me and see that my flat really needs a lot of work. There are many things I don’t use any more like the TV, computer games, spare towers, some books and much bric-a-brac. […]

Ascension Symptoms and Living my Life

Ascension Symptoms: Head Changes After a good sleep I woke up refreshed with dreams and visions of swimming in ethers and light around and through me. These remind me of the ascension and 5D reality and are very luminous and in place psychedelic hypnagogia and in projection/dream, and appear as waves of smoothest brilliantly coloured […]

CLEARING : My Personal Experience

In order for me to evolve, to grow and to expand I realize now how important this clearing was for my highest good. I now understand why people can and do become trapped in the illusion of what we call life and life’s experiences. My Story At the end of May 2016 my clearing began with […]

Transformation Hiccups and Grounding

Feeling A Little Superhuman Now a little superhuman I feel more grounding and things are integrating better. It is honest to say that this is not a smooth process and I have experienced every emotion under the sun and by letting go more I can go further. Feeling fluxes and wefts as if multiple me’s in […]