Spirit Food – Beetroot

ORIGIN It’s said that beetroot date all the way back to the 3rd millennium BC. The leaves of the beet have been consumed by humans prior to written records, the root was used medicinally to treat illnesses and diseases. Written records show beets being used in ancient Egypt and in Babylonian civilisations. The root of […]

Spirit Food – Amaranth

ORIGIN Amaranth is a native crop to Peru. These grains were once considered a staple food in the Inca, Maya and Aztec civilisations. It is not actually a grain, however, it is classified as a pseudocereal. The name for amaranth comes from the Greek amarantos, “one that does not wither”, or “the never-fading”. It is […]

Spirit Food – Coconut

ORIGIN The coconut tree cannot be fully traced to a specific origin. Coconut fossils have been found dating back over 50 million years. Today they are grown over 89 tropical countries and 12 million hectares around the world.  The coconut in Sanskrit is “Sriphala” translating to “God’s fruit”. In Hinduism, the coconuts are broken in […]

Spirit Food – Papaya

PAPAYA ORIGIN The exact origin of the papaya is unknown. It is believed to be native to Central America. When Christopher Columbus first discovered America he called the papaya “the fruit of the angels.” Almost 150 years ago, scientists found the white milk produced by scratching the skin of the semi-green fruit contains a strong […]

Spirit Food – Lentil

THE LENTIL ORIGIN Lentils have been farmed for over 10,000 years making them one of the oldest food sources in the world! Wild red lentils were first harvested as early as 9,000 BC. They originated in the Middle East and Central Asia. Archaeologist found huge storage of lentils in Northern Israel dating back to 6,800 […]

Spirit Food – Grape

THE GRAPE ORIGIN The earliest use of the grapevine was found in Sumeria. The most famous story we know today that includes the grape is going back over 2,000 years ago. Jesus turned the water into wine in the story of the Passion. The grapevine symbolises the blood of Christ. In the last supper, Jesus […]

Spirit Food – Artichoke

ARTICHOKE ORIGIN The artichoke originates from the Mediterranean. It dates back to Sicily around 500BC where it was an expensive speciality which made its way through Naples and Florence. By the turn of the 18th Century, it was adopted by France as a culinary privilege that was exclusive to members of the aristocracy. Ancient Greeks and […]

Spirit Food – Spinach

SPINACH ORIGIN Spinach can be traced back to its origins in Persia. Since here it has made its way through the Mediterranean and become a staple for most meals in India. Spinach is low in calorie and high in nutrients making it an ideal food to consume every day. For some of us, our first […]

Spirit Food – Almond

ALMOND   ORIGIN It is native to Syria and Palestine. It is the oldest nut tree on record and is a member of the rose family. In the Christian tradition, the almond signifies divine favour and approval, and the purity of the Virgin. As the first flower of the year the blossom it is known […]

Spirit Food – Turmeric

TURMERIC ORIGIN Turmeric dating back nearly 4000 years. In Southeast Asia, turmeric has been used in Ayurveda medicine. It as a principal spice but also it is cultivated for medicinal use, and as a component in religious ceremonies. Turmeric is being recognised in modern medicine with 3000 publications dealing with turmeric that came out within […]

Spirit Food – Banana

The name banana originates from the Arabic word ‘banan’ which, means finger. Its scientific name is ‘musa sapientum’, meaning “fruit of the wise men”. There is early written references to the banana in Sanskrit dating back to the year 500 BC. Bananas have been said to have been the worlds first cultivated fruit. Dating back to […]

Spirit Food – Chickpea

ORIGIN The Chickpea or Garbanzo bean, as its better known originated around 3,000BC in the Mediterranean. It was one of the earliest areas to be cultivated in before becoming popular in Africa and India. Domesticated chickpeas have been found in Neolithic pottery in certain parts of Turkey.  They were consumed by Egyptians, Romans and Greeks. […]

Spirit Food – Fig

  ORIGIN The fig is one of the oldest plants on the planet, outdating wheat, barley and many other sources of nutrition humans consumed throughout time. The fig dates back to Africa, to prehistoric times when dinosaurs walked the land. The fig is best known for being the tree under which the Buddha received enlightenment. […]

Spirit Food – Basil

BASIL Origin Basil known as Holy Basil or Tulsi is a sacred plant with strong roots in India. It is worshipped in the morning and evening by Hindus all over the world. It is associated with Vishnu and Krishna and is used as a prime herb in their ayurvedic system of healthcare. In Sanskrit “Tulsi” […]

Spirit Food – Maca Root

  ORIGIN:  Maca originates from South America. It has been used by the Ancient Indians in Peru. It is dated back to over 3,800 years ago where it was used as a plant medicine. There is evidence of the Incan soldiers carrying maca into war to power them with energy, endurance and power. It is […]