group healing

Can a Group Healing Session Turn You into a Completely New Person?

For the longest time, rituals and group gathering have been an important part of the human life. These reunions between people were well-known to aid the healing process in all cultures.

That is why in group healing, all of the participants collectively empower one another in order to reach their goal.

Harmony, support and positive influence are all traits which define group frequency healing.

The more you believe in a group’s principles, value it and put energy into it, the more it will feed you. When you want to become part of a group, even for a shorter amount of time, think about what YOU can do for the group, and not what the GROUP can do for you.

If you resist the healing, the transformation process will occur anyway, but at a much slower rate.

group healing

Group Healing Equals Healing Through Love

A community provides to its members during the healing journey three types of support:

  • Emotional
  • Verbal
  • Cognitive.

Most importantly, groups provide unconditional love which makes it the ideal environment for anyone who wants to be healed.

Now, let me walk you through the benefits which you can get from my group session or the 18-day journey which everyone in the world can join. It is also called the Infinite Wisdom Frequency Healing.

  • All of the healing will take place in a safe environment and you will receive all the support you need so that it will be a success
  • You will receive energy from the entire group and so you will experience a higher vibrational reality
  • With one hour every day, you will reconnect, expand and elevate your vibration by harnessing the power and the energy from the group
  • Healing will occur faster because everyone, including the facilitator (like me), will be working towards the same goal
  • You will activate the abundance mindset which will allow you to fill your life with love, health and wealth
  • You will unleash super human healing abilities which you didn’t know you had
  • Learn how to leave behind your past life, your trauma and your bad memories
  • The answer to the question “Who you really are?” will be answered in these healing sessions
  • If you’ve never activated your DNA, then you will experience it for the first time and it will change your life
  • You will connect to the Universe and understand how it works
  • Your life’s purpose will be revealed to you and so you will have more passion for living and loving your life
  • You will remember how to navigate through life with your heart.

group healing

So, yes, group healing sessions will turn you into a completely new person, but one which was inside you all along. It just needed to be discovered and brought to life.

The support you receive in this environment can make you stronger and more connected to your goal. You will receive the right energy which will amplify your individual efforts.

Discover more about the 18-day journey healing session I’ve created and join me.

I love you with my heart, with my soul, with every fibre of my entire being. Together we can make this world a much more harmonious place